Traumatic Injuries Claims Involving Blunt Force Trauma

Blunt Force Trauma Lawsuits in Texas

Blunt force trauma is classified as an injury itself; however, the trauma can lead to other conditions such as concussions, contusions, fractures, or damage to internal organs. Blunt force trauma injuries are those caused to a specific part of the body through the strong force of impact of a heavy object. These blunt force injuries are different from penetrating injuries where an object enters the body. In the workplace, a blunt force trauma injury can occur during a fall from a high position, like scaffolding at a construction site, or as a result of being struck by a heavy object.

Types of Blunt Force Trauma Injuries

Many blunt force trauma injuries involve the head region. This could happen because of a fall or because of being struck by an object. Common situations where blunt force trauma to the head could occur are construction sites and mines where there is a risk of collapse. A blunt force trauma injury to the head may lead to brain injury. Signs of brain injury may not be visible immediately after the accident; some swelling or bruising may be the only signs that a brain injury has occurred. When the head is subjected to a blunt force trauma, the brain can “rock” back and forth inside the skull, tearing away at sensitive nerve fibers. The damage to these nerve fibers can cause a loss of brain function to some extent.

  • In mild cases, there may be forgetfulness after a blunt force trauma.
  • In moderate head injuries, epilepsy may be triggered by blunt force trauma.
  • In severe cases, blunt force trauma to the head can cause long term brain injuries that require rehabilitative therapy.

The eye is one of the most delicate organs of the human body and is subjected to many hazards by blunt force trauma. Many eye injuries occur as a result of blunt force trauma to a socket or eye bone. A simple form of blunt force trauma to the eye may be seen in a “black eye” that may not signify long-term damage. However, if the socket gets broken or fractured, then more serious measures are needed to fix the problem, including surgery to remove any shattered bone fragments resulting from the blunt force trauma. Abdominal blunt force trauma is similar to the sort of trauma seen in motor vehicle accidents. A blunt force trauma to the abdomen can cause damage to the liver and spleen; it can trigger renal failure. There may also be damage to the small intestine that can have long-term implications after blunt force trauma.

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