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Midland Truck Accident Attorneys

Fighting for Victims of Big Rig Crashes in Midland-Odessa & Beyond

Of the 253 million vehicles on the road today, fewer than 5 percent are commercial vehicles—and even fewer are large trucks. Despite making up a small number of vehicles on the road, large trucks take up a lot of room: they weigh between 10,000 and 80,000 pounds. Their large weight and size ensure that every truck accident is life-changing. That's why our Midland trucking accident lawyers represent truck crash victims and survivors.

Our Midland truck accident attorneys have represented accident survivors who have suffered from catastrophic injuries, the loss of a loved one, or post-traumatic stress. People who get hurt in big rig accidents are left with serious medical needs, no income, and little hope of a stable future. By holding trucking companies accountable for 18-wheeler accidents, we help our clients get what they need to restart their lives.

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The Reason 18-Wheeler Trucking Accidents Are Common

With unprecedented safety technology, why are trucking accidents not decreasing as they should? The issue might be with the industry itself. Trucking companies set up the industry so that drivers work themselves to exhaustion just to make ends meet. As tired drivers get behind the wheel by the thousands, motorists everywhere, in Midland and nationwide, are in danger—including the truckers themselves. The major issue is that drivers are paid by the mile, meaning they're not paid for all of the vital work that truckers have always had to do: wait for rig inspections, wait for loading and unloading, resting for at least 10 hours a day, driving "flying canaries" (empty trailers) to new jobs.

Many trucking companies expect drivers to drive for long hours, even in excess of regulations. As many as 1 in 4 trucking crashes happened when a driver was hauling for 17 hours or longer. Sleep debt experts believe driving while tired can impair your driving as much as drinking alcohol. As a result, trucking is one of the deadliest jobs in the U.S.

Our Midland truck accident lawyers have represented people injured by:

  • Box truck crashes
  • Flatbed truck accidents
  • Garbage truck accidents
  • Jackknife accidents
  • Underride accidents
  • Gas truck crashes
  • Tow truck collisions
  • Tanker truck accidents

Cause & Liability: Big Rig Truck Accidents in Midland, Texas

An in-depth truck accident investigation is one of the most important parts of handling a case of this kind. We need to know what caused the accident in the first place. Once we know this, we can determine who should be held liable, or legally responsible, for the victim's injuries. A personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit for a Midland trucking accident will give a survivor or victim's family the opportunity to see justice served. The determination of fault and proof of liability will be essential to securing a settlement or award.

The following are examples of circumstances or behavior that can cause 18-wheeler accidents:

  • Overloaded trucks
  • Improperly secured truck cargo
  • Unbalanced truck loads
  • Fatigued truck drivers
  • Inexperienced truckers
  • Hours-of-service violations
  • Poorly maintained trucks
  • Defective truck or auto parts
  • Dangerous roadways
  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Heavy weather

Midland UPS & FedEx Accident Lawyers

In the freight delivery world, UPS and FedEx rank near the top in terms of volume and market share. Together, they command 50 percent of the market and utilize a fleet of 210,000 vehicles. FedEx is a major industry leader in another way: it alone employed 51 lobbyists in 2014, 37 of whom once held positions in the federal government.

Unfortunately, FedEx and UPS have not used their position as leaders to make the roads safer for motorists. From 2015 to 2017, UPS was involved in more than 2,000 crashes, injuring 689 people and killing 49. Each of those numbers represents an increase from the same period 5 years before. FedEx may have caused less damage, but its accident rate is far more alarming: crashes, injuries, and deaths have increased by 254 percent, 192 percent, and 273 percent respectively. See for yourself—find out how often trucking companies get into accidents on the FMCSA website.

Talk to Our Midland, Texas Truck Accident Lawyers: (888) 493-1629

At Arnold & Itkin, LLP, we take things personally. When one of our clients has been harmed by negligent trucking corporations, we demand fair compensation for our clients and demand that those companies make changes to keep their workers and people on the road safe. We are even ready to take cases to trial if need be. Our Midland truck accident attorneys will not back down until we can get our clients the results they deserve.

If you or a loved one has been in a truck accident, call (888) 493-1629 today to request your free, confidential case review with our nationally recognized law firm.

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