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Billions Won by Train Accident Lawyers in Midland-Odessa

During the earliest days of America’s economy, it built a network of railroads across the nation. These trains created the economic opportunity that a country the size of the United States needed. As the industrial revolution transformed America into an economic powerhouse, the nation’s trains carried prosperity to nearly every corner. Today, the Midland-Odessa area is placed centrally in one of the most oil-rich regions in the U.S. Its network of trains transports materials to and from oilfields. Sadly, high train activity can mean a higher rate of train and railroad accidents.

Common train accidents include the following:

Train accidents are often serious. A train's size makes them almost automatically deadly in collisions with cars, pedestrians, or other trains—they devastate anything in their path. In a train derailment, damage spreads across a wide area and increases the risk of nearby injuries. In fact, the FRA reports that 80% of railroad crossings are not adequate to protect bystanders, and more than 7,000 pedestrians have been killed by trains since 1997.

Our Midland-Odessa railroad accident lawyers have represented thousands of injured people, helping them pay for medical care, recoup lost wages, and rebuild their lives. We've won billions in verdicts and settlements. If you want to know your legal or financial options after a train accident, call us at (888) 493-1629 for a free consultation.

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The Midland Train Crash

On November 15, 2012, a parade in Midland ended in tragedy. 

A flatbed truck was carrying 12 wounded veterans through the parade route when it was struck by a freight train. Unable to escape to safety, 4 of the injured veterans were killed by the collision and 16 other people were injured. The accident showed the need for better safety equipment at train crossings in the area.

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If you’ve suffered, you do not have to go through this difficult time alone. The Midland-Odessa train accident attorneys at Arnold & Itkin are ready to hold negligent parties responsible and get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Whether you have been injured while riding a train or being near one, we are ready to fight for your recovery.

Arnold & Itkin has won billions of dollars in settlements for clients. We understand the toll that accidents take on the lives of those they harm. As a result, we seek to take every step needed to help you through this difficult time. Our Midland personal injury lawyers do not take a fee unless we win your case, so there's no risk to working with us.

Speak with us in a free consultation to learn your legal and financial options. Contact us online or call (888) 493-1629 today.

Common Questions

  • How Common Are Train Accidents?

    Many regard trains as being a very safe form of transportation. However, with trains constantly running across thousands of miles of train tracks in the United States, accidents are more frequent than many people realize. In fact, a train collision or derailment occurs every 90 minutes in the U.S. A train carrying hazardous chemicals derails every 2 weeks.

  • Who Is Often Responsible for Train Accidents?

    Train accidents are often caused by train manufacturers, owners, or their operators. Trains require precision, skill, and focus to safely operate, and accidents are often a signal of a misstep by someone in charge of its operation. Track maintenance is also a major factor in train accidents; U.S. tracks are infamously lacking in maintenance.

  • What Causes Train Accidents in Midland-Odessa?

    Train accidents may be caused by worn and broken switch points, defective and missing crossties, traveling at an unsafe speed, unsafe shove movements, improper hand brake use, and reckless operation by conductors. Train accidents are virtually always caused by predictable and preventable causes, and they should be blamed on the irresponsible behavior of railroads and train companies. If an accident occurs, all at-fault parties must be held accountable. Our Midland-Odessa train accident lawyers help the injured determine who is at fault and fight to get compensation for our clients' medical costs, lost wages, and ongoing care.

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