Representing Multiple Injured Parties in Six 18-Wheeler Accidents

Commercial motor vehicle accidents can be uniquely devastating, as 18-wheelers often weigh 35 tons—when empty. Any negligence on the part of the truck driver or the company can mean that this massive vehicle could wreak all kinds of havoc if it collides with other vehicles on the road.

A series of such devastating crashes have led to recent suits filed by Arnold & Itkin.

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, Roland Christensen, Claire Schindler, and Logan Wexler recently filed cases on behalf of clients injured in the following 18-wheeler accidents:

  • A couple who serves in the National Guard were seriously injured when they were struck by an 18-wheeler because the driver wasn’t paying attention. The young couple suffered severe injuries to their necks, backs, heads, arms, and other parts of their bodies, which have already required invasive and extensive medical treatment.
  • Our client was driving in the state of Georgia when an 18-wheeler carrying packages crashed into her. This case manager for homeless families is now in constant pain and mental anguish, suffering neck and lower back injuries, head trauma, and a knee injury.
  • We filed suit in Brazoria County, Texas for a client injured by a reckless 18-wheeler driver. After the trucker carelessly crashed into our client’s passenger car, the trucker wouldn’t even pull over to the side of the road but instead tried to flee. Our client sustained neck, back, and arm injuries from the crash.
  • Our client was passing an 18-wheeler in the left lane when the trucker accelerated and collided with her. She sustained lower back and shoulder injuries. Luckily, security camera footage at a local daycare captured the accident. The defendant driver has had three prior accidents and should not have been behind the wheel to begin with.
  • Our client was driving an SUV when an 18-wheeler recklessly rear-ended her, damaging the vehicle and leaving this mother of three with spinal cord injuries and head trauma. This case was filed in Harris County.
  • A mother of 4 was driving when an 18-wheeler recklessly slammed into her. While the truck driver initially apologized to our client, they have since denied fault. Our client has suffered serious head trauma and spinal cord injuries, dealing with vertigo, tinnitus, nausea, bad headaches, and more. This case was filed in Ector County.

Arnold & Itkin won’t let reckless drivers and negligent companies escape their responsibility. We make sure that our clients can count on us, no matter what. We will fight tirelessly to bring our clients justice.

According to one of our 18-wheeler accident attorneys involved in these cases: “These accidents should never have happened. We can’t change the past, but we can work hard to change the future for our wonderful clients.”

18-Wheeler Accidents
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