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Louisiana Oil Rig Accident Lawyers

Fighting for Injured Roughnecks, Drivers & Other Oil Rig Injury Survivors

Roughnecks have one of the most dangerous jobs nationwide. There are countless ways a worker can get injured on the job. The machinery involved in drilling operations are difficult to manage and risky if it’s not properly operated. The environment on an oil derrick puts workers at major risk.

Although oil extraction may be dangerous by nature, accidents can be prevented if the proper precaution is taken by employers and coworkers. If you were injured while working on an oil rig, contact a Louisiana oil rig accident attorney to discuss your case. We can fight for you receive the maximum compensation possible to recover from the damages. We work tirelessly to ensure that injured workers have access to medical care and other vital needs. Just as importantly, our duty is to ensure oil companies are working on improving safety.

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Helping Victims of Oilfield Accidents

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Different Types of Oil Rig Accidents

Despite the fact that the oil companies are required by law to provide safe workplaces, accidents like the ones listed above occur at alarming rates. In virtually all explosions, equipment malfunctions are to blame. In other cases, toxic exposure is to blame. According to a National Institute for occupational Health and Safety study, fracking workers are routinely exposed to extremely high levels of benzene—a colorless gas that has been linked to cancer. If an employer does not provide their employees with the necessary safety equipment while working in such dangerous conditions, they are liable for the injuries that result.

A 23-year-old man was killed in a Louisiana oilfield accident in early 2018 due to falling equipment.

Oil & Gas Companies

Our land rig accident attorneys stand up to oil and gas companies such as:

Louisiana Oil Rig Injury Lawyers Serving Clients in Louisiana & Nationwide

Arnold & Itkin’s commitment to the success of our clients is our first priority. We will not compromise when it comes to your success and security. If you were injured in an oil rig accident, we can help you receive the compensation you deserve to receive the necessary treatments. Our Louisiana injury lawyers are a dedicated team that wants to help your recovery. Call Arnold & Itkin at (888) 493-1629 or contact us online!

Common Questions

  • How Do I Know Who Is Responsible for My Accident?

    In most cases it will not be obvious who is at fault for your injuries because negligence is not a direct action. Most people only see the consequences rather than the negligence itself. Our job is to investigate your case with other industry experts to accurately determine who is at fault for your injuries. One or more parties could be at fault—regardless of whoever is found responsible, we can help you develop a case.
  • How Long Do I Have to File My Oil Rig Injury Claim?

    Different states have different statutes of limitations for oilfield cases. For example, North Dakota law gives personal injury plaintiffs 6 years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit. Texas only gives people 2 years from the date of the injury. Our attorneys have experience winning maximum compensation for both.
  • When Will My Case Go to Court?

    There are cases that don’t need to go to court because they are settled outside the courtroom. Our firm will pursue a settlement outside of court if your opponent makes an offer that is fair to you. However, we are not afraid to pursue a court case if the defendant is not willing to settle for a proper amount.
  • If I’m Found Partially at Fault, Is There Still Hope?

    Yes—there is still the possibility of presenting a comparative negligence (or percentage of fault). For example, if you were found 20% responsible, you may only seek up to the amount of compensation that the other party was found liable for. If this were a case where there was a $1 million recovery, you could get up to $800 thousand.
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