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Louisiana Property Contamination Attorneys

Advocating Your Right to a Safe Environment

The Gulf region—particularly the lush lands of Louisiana—is a hotspot for drilling and fracking. Large oil and fracking corporations are harrowed for their positive influences on a small community: creating jobs and inserting a share of wealth into your once struggling town.

Unfortunately, they often think this affords them the ability to recklessly handle your land, violate environmental regulations, pollute your water, and expose you and your family to dangerous chemicals.

The reckless endangerment of thousands of people is not an acceptable business practice, and our legal team takes property contamination cases seriously. We have experience in winning compensation for our clients in order to afford them the ability to restore their home and water supply many times over, or relocate if remediation isn't possible. It’s your home, and you have a right to clean water and a safe environment. When these rights are infringed on your Louisiana property, Arnold & Itkin wants to bring the responsible parties to justice, and provide you with a safe, clean home. Our property contamination attorneys fight for what's right.

Billions of Dollars Recovered

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Recent History & Dangers of Fracking

“Fracking” is a term stemming from the word “fracture.” This process drills into shales, or soft slabs of rock deep beneath the earth’s surface. When these slabs are fractured by the drill using water and sand-based pressure, natural oil and gases are then forced up, where they can then be processed and put to use. While it is intended as a relatively simple process by which oil and gas companies can obtain materials at a deeper level, it causes significant environmental complications. Disrupting the deep layers of sedimentary rock has been known to cause tremors, and through the fractures, gases can be released into the surrounding groundwater. This can cut off a community's access to clean drinking water.

The Environmental Protection Agency has made recent stands against fracking, only to see their reports shoved back down into obscurity in order to protect oil and gas interests. However, there has been a recent resurgence of contamination cases, and now is the time to act if your property has been damaged from this process.

Contaminated Property Due to Drilling

When oil and gas companies realize they have drilled all that there is in an area of land, they often abandon their equipment—much of it deep within the surface of the earth. As this equipment rots, and the waste created during drilling disperses across the subterranean layers, the soil in the earth and the groundwater becomes contaminated. This results in land that can no longer grow plants and that can no longer produce drinkable water. In essence, a community is destroyed in the wake of oil and gas practices.

How Our Firm Works to Correct This Problem

In determining that your property’s damage is the direct result of drilling or fracking, we then have the opportunity to pursue litigation. Not only will a successful suit against the big oil companies result in a large settlement or verdict for you and your family, but it could deter these giant corporations from infringing upon the rights of other Louisiana residents whose properties could suffer similar fates.

Prominent Representation in Your Louisiana Property Contamination Case

In order to succeed against the large oil and natural gas machines, you need the help of an aggressive legal team unafraid to face industrial giants. Arnold & Itkin has won settlements against Fortune 500 defendants and has secured record-breaking recoveries nationally and in the state of Louisiana. Not only do we have the track record and experience required for large property contamination cases, but we understand the hardship this industrial responsibility has caused you. Our team’s compassion for your situation makes us fight even harder for your case.

Contact the legal team Arnold & Itkin at (888) 493-1629 for aggressive and dedicated representation in your Louisiana property contamination case. Your consultation is free!

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