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Louisiana Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Billions Won by Our Baton Rouge Serious Injury Attorneys

It’s a fact that catastrophe can suddenly appear in many forms. Burns, spinal cord injuries, and brain injuries are just a few of the events that can alter our lives. When life takes a turn for the worse, those who caused it must be held accountable. Arnold & Itkin is never intimidated by the circumstances, difficulty, or scope of a case.

Our Louisiana injury firm has consistently taken on the largest, highest-stakes cases—including the case of a mother who lost all mobility below her neck in an ambulance accident. For the sake of her and her children, our firm poured our resources into getting her family everything they needed for a secure future. With our help, our client won $117 million—the largest injury verdict in Louisiana history. Today, her medical care has allowed her to speak and spend time with her children.

Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

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Fighting for Louisiana's Injured: Because We Care

Our Louisiana catastrophic injury attorneys understand that it takes a great deal of effort and resources to serve our client. We know that catastrophic injuries alter lives forever and cause millions in medical expenses. We stand in solidarity with those who cannot (or should not) pay the immense costs brought on by their injuries. Arnold & Itkin understands what is required to hold wrongdoers accountable after a serious accident---and what it takes to make things right for catastrophic accident survivors.

If you're concerned about the costs associated with medical care, lost wages, and other damages caused by accidents, our Baton Rouge catastrophic injury lawyers are here to help.

Why Choose Our Louisiana Catastrophic Injury Lawyers?

  • Billions of dollars recovered on behalf of our clients
  • Secured the largest personal injury verdict in Louisiana history
  • Our success relies on your recovery—you only pay if we win

What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries are events which cause damage to the victim’s cognitive abilities or physical mobility. The word “catastrophic” is used to define these injuries because, when they occur, they have a profound and permanent effect on the quality of life experienced by the victim.

Our team has handled catastrophic injury cases involving:

  • Burn Injuries: More Americans die from burns than any other disaster in the nation. We understand the lasting physical and emotional difficulties a burn injury has on a victim’s life.
  • Blunt Force Trauma: Any forceful impact from an object to a specific part of the body. These injuries often have the most effect when they occur to the head. Work environments with careless and relaxed regulations are often a source of blunt force trauma.
  • Vision Loss & Other Eye Injuries: This is one of the most common workplace injuries. Trauma to the eyes or exposure to harmful light or chemicals can result in permanent vision loss.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: These severe injuries can result in loss of mobility and even paralysis. Arnold & Itkin helped a mother who suffered spinal cord damage in Louisiana, winning her a $117 million verdict.
  • Acoustic Trauma: A tragic loss of hearing is an event that has the power to permanently change the way someone interacts with the world. Our attorneys are prepared to hold those responsible accountable for such a drastic change of life.
  • Neck & Back Injuries: The number one source of pain reported by the American public, neck and back injuries are not just a problem – they are preventable.
  • Brain Injuries: Though not always visible from the outside, these injuries can result in the loss of motor abilities and cognitive functions, significantly altering a person's life.
  • Amputation: Loss of limb is one of the most devastating injuries a person can suffer. Our firm has won record-setting verdicts and settlements for people who lost limbs in construction accidents, plant explosions, and other serious accidents.

Potential Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

In Louisiana, catastrophic injuries have many causes. They may happen at work, particularly in industrial workplaces where heavy machinery, physical labor, and complex process or volatile substances are involved. They may happen on the road and may involve large 18-wheelers, motorcycles, pedestrians, cyclists, sedans, or SUVs. They can happen at theme parks, hotels, water parks, and other types of residential or commercial properties.

Wherever they happen, they can typically be traced to negligent and careless acts on the part of individuals and businesses. A plant owner that delays a turnaround to try to avoid production delays, a trucking company that pushes drivers to work without breaks, or a driver who gets behind the wheel while drunk can cause incidents that leave unsuspecting people with catastrophic injuries.

Our Louisiana catastrophic injury firm takes on cases for injured factory workers, plant and refinery employees, oilfield workers, drivers, truckers, consumers, and all types of people who have suffered serious harm through no fault of their own. These cases are notoriously complex and difficult to litigate, but we are up to the challenge.

Compensation for a Louisiana Catastrophic Injury Claim

The recovery of fair compensation after a catastrophic injury is a crucial part of rebuilding one’s life. It can take hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to cover medical expenses, the loss of earnings and future wages, ongoing care, and the other costs associated with treating and living with a catastrophic injury.

That is why our Baton Rouge, Louisiana firm works tirelessly to recover settlements and awards that will provide for our clients for the rest of their lives.

About Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Located on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River, Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and the seat of East Baton Rouge Parish. The area was settled by French colonists in 1721, who built a military and trading post at the site. It was incorporated as a city in 1817 after a tumultuous governance by France, Britain, Spain, and the Confederate States, among others. By the beginning of the Civil War, Baton Rouge had grown to a population of 5,500. Growth continued in the area, but its biggest boom came with the petrochemical industry in the 1950s and 1960s. Baton Rouge was recognized as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States in the early 2000s; as of July 2021 the city’s population was estimated at 222,185. Baton Rouge covers a land area of 86.32 miles.

Today, the petrochemical industry (specifically manufacturing and production) is the most substantial supporter of Baton Rouge’s economy. Baton Rouge is also home to the largest inland port on the Mississippi that can accommodate ocean-going vessels like cargo carriers and tankers. The fourth-largest oil refinery complex in the United States, ExxonMobil Baton Rouge, is located in the city.

There is also a strong medical research presence in Baton Rouge. The city is home to several research hospitals and medical campuses, including Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Ochsner Medical Center, Baton Rouge General Medical Center (Mid-City and Bluebonnet), and the Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

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Catastrophic injuries transform the daily life of the victim and cause unnecessary monetary issues. Tragically, these injuries are a direct result of an individual or company who could and should have prevented them. Arnold & Itkin has a team of Louisiana catastrophic injury lawyers who want to fight to give you a future. When life changes so drastically, we believe victims deserve the maximum amount of recovery possible.

Contact us today at (888) 493-1629 to connect with an experienced attorney who can review your legal options.

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