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Thousands of emergency vehicles in Louisiana transport patients to emergency rooms every day. Because of this state of emergency, ambulance drivers often feel the need to speed down the road and practice dangerous driving. Although wanting to get to the destination quickly may be understandable, these emergency vehicle drivers are putting their passengers and other drivers on the road at serious risk.

Lights flash and loud warning sounds emit from the vehicles as they drive, but at high velocities, engaging in quick maneuvers, and being heavy in nature, ambulances are susceptible to potentially life-threatening accidents—especially if the driver is distracted, poorly trained, or drunk. As a patient in the back or a fellow paramedic in the ambulance, passengers have a reasonable expectation of arriving at the hospital or destination safely. When drivers of emergency vehicles fail to take safety measures, and you or a loved one is injured as a result, you have the right to hold them responsible and receive compensation. Contact a Louisiana accident attorney for more options today.

Record-Setting Accident Compensation

We at Arnold & Itkin have direct experience defending victims in these kinds of cases. For one of our clients, a young mother, we recovered $117 million for her and her young family. This was the largest single-plaintiff verdict in the history of the state of Louisiana.

Our client was 7 months pregnant and began experiencing stomach pains. When she called emergency services, an ambulance driver was assigned to our client who had vision problems and a bad driving record. On the way to the hospital, the driver crashed the ambulance into another truck.

Among other injuries, our client became permanently paralyzed and prematurely gave birth to her daughter. When we received her verdict, her medical bills had already totaled $1.4 million and were going to reach an estimated $30 million in her future medical care. We were successful in holding the insurance company responsible for all of her physical and emotional damages, providing a record-setting verdict for our client.

The Different Ways an Ambulance Accident Can Harm Others

Emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, are expected to do more than one job. While they are trained in field-level medical tasks, they are also required to operate the motor vehicle safely and efficiently. Although they have both of these simultaneous responsibilities, the safety of the passengers inside the ambulance and other drivers on the road should be the top priority.

Passengers and other drivers can be injured by an ambulance driver if:

  • The ambulance has a mechanical failure (loss of brakes)
  • The driver is inattentive or distracted from the road
  • The patient is improperly secured
  • The objects in the ambulance are improperly secured

Paramedics are human and subject to the same inattentiveness, distraction, or neglect that other drivers sometimes demonstrate, but because they are trained professionals, they are held to a higher level of responsibility. Ambulance drivers should always have their passengers' well-being in mind while making decisions, as well as the well-being of other drivers. Additionally, the desire to accomplish a task quickly should never compromise the level of safety with which that task is done. When EMTs fall short of keeping patients and those around them safe—and people get hurt—those victims deserve compensation for the injustice and injuries they have suffered.

Contacting a Qualified Legal Team to Seek Damages

Arnold & Itkin LLP is the team you can trust to fight for compensation because we have already won in cases involving ambulance accident victims. Understanding that every case is different, you can count on our expertise and client-focused approach to fight for your future.

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