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The reason you make monthly insurance payments is to protect your family and yourself in the event of a natural disaster or accident at the fault of another party that significantly debilitates you. When these events occur, you could be powerless to the financial burdens suddenly placed upon you. Our insurance policies are in place to get us back on our feet as soon as possible, yet in some cases, they will refuse to pay out on their policy for a wrongful discrepancy. When this occurs, you will need a driven legal team with past successes against large corporations.

Insurance companies, whether they offer life protection, medical coverage, or damage to your home or business, are powerful entities that will push back against your claim. Arnold & Itkin has demanded record-setting compensation. When you work with us, you will receive the same level of dedication and perseverance.

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Helping You With Insurance Claims

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Representing You in Any Area of Insurance Claims

Insurance companies, unfortunately, are good at trying to avoid payouts by using tactics such as undervaluing your claim, denying the damage done, or even purposefully delaying the payout of your claim, leaving you anticipating a disbursement that is never going to come.

Our Louisiana insurance lawyers help with insurance claims involving:

Fortunately, you can employ our legal help for your Louisiana insurance dispute regardless of the type of claim it is. Getting assistance from an insurance lawyer can help you if you've had a claim wrongfully denied or if you think your insurance provider is utilizing bad faith practices—a word that describes any time an insurer is failing to fulfill their duties to customers.

Our insurance claim attorneys have had success and are familiar with the following:

  • First Party Insurance Claims 
    An unexpected accident or disaster where you are entitled to financial reimbursement from your insurance company.
  • Business Insurance Claims 
    The policy business owners' maintain if a natural disaster causes significant damage to their business. Providers often try to avoid paying out for disasters, as the devastation is so widespread and costly.
  • Residential Property Claims 
    These policies are supposed to cover damage to your home, depending on location and coverage options chosen in your policy.
  • Bad Faith Insurance Claims 
    These legal items refer to unfair tactics on behalf of the insurance provider. Insurance companies must not misrepresent facts or fail to provide a proper explanation for denial of coverage, for example.

Protecting Home & Business Owners Across Louisiana. Call (888) 493-1629!

As an owner of an establishment, either commercial or residential, and a regular, on time payer of your monthly insurance premium, we at Arnold & Itkin know that you have a right to the insurance coverage your provider promises you and that you have paid for. It is becoming a trend for insurance providers not to pay out to small business owner and homeowners simply to protect their bottom line.

There does not need to be a particular aspect of your claim that insurance companies use to deny your payout; you just may be one of the unlucky ones. Insurance providers will often do this knowing that most will not hire legal help to pursue the coverage. This is where our team comes in. Arnold & Itkin LLP is the dynamic, fast-acting, and successful law firm that insurance companies do not see coming.

If you are in Louisiana and are having trouble with your insurance claim, contact our offices today at (888) 493-1629. We expose unethical and illegal practices by insurance providers, helping people and businesses recoup their losses.

Common Questions

  • How Do Insurance Companies Try to Avoid Paying Claims?

    Some insurance companies use various strategies to try to avoid high payouts. They may unnecessarily delay a claim, asking for additional (and unnecessary) information or documentation, fail to return calls, or leave you waiting to get answers to your coverage questions. They may offer unfairly low settlements before you’ve had a chance to actually consider the full impact that your injuries or losses have had, or before you’ve talked to an attorney. They may retroactively cancel your policy or deny your claim outright by saying your losses are not covered. Insurance policies are full of tiny print and legalese, but this does not excuse companies from acting in good faith when handling your claim. Avoid the many immoral practices used by providers to take advantage of people like you—involve an experienced Louisiana insurance claim lawyer as soon as you can.
  • What Legal Rights Do I Have as an Insurance Policyholder in Louisiana?

    As a policyholder or claimant, you have the right to be treated in a fair manner by the insurance provider. Insurance companies have a legal duty to act in good faith when investigating, managing, and paying claims. They cannot actively try to find reasons to deny a valid claim and cannot treat you unfairly through the process, taking advantage of your lack of in-depth knowledge of insurance claims.

    Unfortunately, some Louisiana insurance companies violate their obligation to act in good faith. When they do, policyholders and claimants have the right to file suit. A bad faith lawsuit can help a wronged policyholder or claimant recover the full and fair value of their claim, plus additional damages.

  • The Insurance Adjuster Offered Me a Settlement. Shouldn’t I Just Accept It?

    Dealing with an insurance claim is not easy. The time after an accident, injury, or natural disaster will be difficult to navigate, and getting a settlement offer may seem like a blessing when you need it most. Even if the settlement seems reasonable, you should take a moment to make sure it’s truly in your best interests before you sign anything or deposit a check. Insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing claims. Instead of accepting the first settlement offer, involve an attorney who can review your policy, your claim, and the offer. There could be losses or expenses you haven’t considered yet, or additional coverage that you don’t know about. A competent lawyer can make sure the offer is reasonable. If it’s not, he or she can start negotiations to seek a fair and complete settlement—or take your case to court to be resolved by a judge.
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