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Louisiana Oilfield Accident Attorneys

A Louisiana Oilfield Injury Law Firm with $20+ Billion Recovered

Louisiana is rich with hundreds of lucrative oil fields scattered across the entire state. As an area of industry always looking for new employment, thousands of workers begin duty at these numerous locations, all of them, unfortunately risking potential injury or death. These are known as one of the most dangerous platforms of work in the United States, prone to accidents involving heavy machinery or volatile chemicals. Many of these accidents, however, are not the fault of the employee. Equipment is sometimes improperly maintained, employers frequently improperly train their new workers, and potentially fatal accidents occur as a result of irresponsibility and negligence at the management level.

Our Baton Rouge Oilfield Injury Lawyers Stand Up for Workers

Oil and gas excavation companies have earned a reputation of exploiting the hard work of derrick operators, truck drivers, and roughnecks while putting them at serious personal risk. Our Louisiana oilfield accident attorneys continuously strive to be the advocates that workers need when their company fails to provide safety on the work site. It is our mission to hold oil companies accountable and give workers access to medical care, money, and anything else they need to rebuild their lives. Louisiana has one of the most active oil-and-gas industries in the nation, from extraction and drilling to transportation to and from shore. As oil drilling in the Gulf and in neighboring states increases, history teaches us that more oilfield workers will suffer grievous injuries—including loss of limb, severe burns, toxic exposure, and other life-altering injuries.

If you suffered an injury in an oilfield accident in Louisiana, speak with our lawyers by calling (888) 493-1629 or contacting us online. We offer completely free consultations.

Helping Victims of Oilfield Accidents

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Louisiana Drilling Rig Accident Law Firm Serving Baton Rouge & Beyond

You can find Arnold & Itkin's Louisiana oilfield injury attorneys helping clients throughout:

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  • Bossier Parish
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Taking on Cases Against Large Companies in the Oil & Gas Industry

Our Louisiana land rig accident lawyers can handle cases against companies such as the following:

What Our Louisiana Oilfield Accident Law Firm Helps With

Using heavy machinery to drill for a volatile substance will always be dangerous. As a result, workers at derricks must be protected in every possible way by those who profit from their hard work. While explosions may happen when the complicated equipment used to extract oil malfunctions, transporting the substance with pipelines and trucks can prove to be an equally dangerous job.

A 23-year-old man was killed in a Louisiana oilfield accident in early 2018 due to falling equipment.

However, each piece of equipment used to extract, transport, and store oil have one thing in common: they are owned and maintained by oil and gas companies. An explosion is often the result of a company failing to properly maintain its own equipment. This results in burn injuries to workers, causing expensive medical bills or even death in the most catastrophic instances. Another hazard that oil workers face is toxic exposure. Studies have repeatedly shown that fracking exposes workers to dangerous levels of benzene, a colorless gas linked to damage to the nervous system, kidney, liver, and immune system. Benzene has also been linked to cancer. Oilfield workers are exposed to this gas multiple times every hour—each time a hatch is opened. Often, employers fail to provide proper safety equipment—they must be held accountable for this.

Dangers Faced by Oilfield Workers

Most oilfield engineers and technicians are fully aware that they are in a dangerous line of work and take extra steps daily to ensure safety; however, the accident that causes their injury is not often caused at their level, but by the negligence or irresponsibility of those in leadership.

Depending on the circumstances, owners and supervisors may be liable for any of the following injuries:

  • Explosions, fires, exposure to chemicals: It’s easy to imagine that workers on an oilfield may be exposed to these kinds of elements, but they are supposed to be securely contained. When workers come into contact with dangerous chemicals or a combustion, it is likely because these materials are out of place, and this may be due to poor planning or management.
  • Slips and falls: Simple clumsiness may not be the root cause of significant slip and fall accidents. When workers slip, it may be that the surfaces are slippery and improperly marked in order to warn employees. If workers fall, it may be due to improper measures in place to guard against the fall: for instance, missing guardrails or harnesses for workers at great heights.
  • Falling objects: Workers at great heights may drop a tool, or a piece of equipment may deconstruct, falling on another employee, causing brain or spine trauma. A professional investigation of the incident may reveal that there were missing preventative measures against an incident such as this: the tools in workers at great highest should have been secured, the equipment was out of date, or a netting should have been installed to catch wayward items.
  • Malfunctioning equipment: Oilfield owners often procrastinate renovation of equipment, and the imminent wear and tear may expose workers to harmful, combustible, or flammable materials. These are often traced back to the ownership or board levels.
  • Gas truck accidents: The gas trucks that serve the oilfields place workers and anyone near them at risk. These vehicles aren't just dangerous because of their size and weight—they're dangerous because the workers behind their wheel are often overworked and exhausted. Additionally, some of Louisiana's smaller roads were built before oilfields existed. These tiny roads start carrying traffic that they were never designed to handle. Companies must hire experienced drivers, make sure their workers are rested, maintain vehicles, and never rush drivers to make it to and from wells.
  • Pipeline accidents: Pipelines are a crucial part of any oilfield operation. They can quickly transport crude oil and safely send pressurized natural gas to plants for processing. Yet, if not maintained or handled properly, pipelines can have serious accidents that cause life-altering injuries to workers. A burst pipeline can create a powerful explosion, a raging fire, or a blast of pressure that can cause significant trauma to workers.

OSHA And Louisiana Oilfield SAFETY RULES

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the nation’s leading regulatory association designed to monitor and enforce the maintenance of safe working environments. OSHA has a specific set of standards tailored for each industry, and when your Louisiana oilfield fails to meet those standards, and you are injured as a result, you may be entitled to compensation from the party or parties responsible.

Arnold & Itkin can thoroughly investigate your oilfield accident and work to identify should have prevented your accident and how much accountability they should face to make things right. While our Louisiana land rig attorneys can change what happened, we can demand justice from the parties who should have.

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Arnold & Itkin knows the struggle injured oilfield workers face. The pressure to provide and the physical pressure of your injuries puts workers in an impossible situation. Our Louisiana oilfield accident attorneys know the methods utilized by oil companies which try to avoid paying for the disasters they have created. In fact, we have used our experience to win billions of dollars in victories over companies which have neglected to protect the wellbeing of the people who have made them successful. When the crew of the Deepwater Horizon needed our attorneys, we won them the recovery they deserved.

If you have been involved in a Louisiana oilfield accident or have any questions, call us at (888) 493-1629. If we take your case, you pay no upfront costs and pay nothing unless we win.

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