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Louisiana Bus Accident Attorneys

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Public transportation may seem like a safer alternative to individual motor vehicle travel, but bus systems are still subject to human error. Because buses are responsible for so many passengers, bus accidents are almost never less than devastating. Many factors can contribute to a catastrophe, and many parties may also be at fault.

Common causes or factors that lead to dangerous bus riding conditions:

  • No safety restraints for passengers
  • Poorly trained bus drivers
  • Lack of regular bus maintenance
  • Reckless or negligent bus driving
  • Bus driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Many accidents can be traced back to bus mechanics. Buses serve a large function in society. They need to be functioning to bring in revenue for the city or for the private entity that owns them. Because of this, there is a significant amount of pressure on mechanics to fix problems too quickly or delay repairs in order to keep the buses running. These practices could lead to faulty brakes in a large, heavy vehicle. Arnold & Itkin is eager to find the parties responsible for this kind of reckless endangerment and to restore justice to those injured in its wake.

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Recent Case Study in Bus Safety Legislature

In 2007, a bus crashed through a wall and fell onto a highway underneath. Unfortunately, seven passengers died due to the fault of a driver’s blatant mistake and insufficient traffic signals. The crash led to an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board which later led to a proposal to the United States Senate to implement new safety regulations in public transportation.

The Senate bill required more extensive training for bus drivers and the implementation of seatbelts and stronger windows to help stabilize and contain passengers if a crash does occur. The Senate approved this bill in March of 2012, significantly making buses a safer form of travel.

This is a shining example of legal officials reacting to an injustice and ultimately affecting a plan to help prevent such disasters in the future. At Arnold & Itkin, we want to help in this precise way. If you have been wrongfully injured in a bus accident, we want to work to correct the damages done to you as best we can through financial retribution, and by exposing the negligence or recklessness that led to your injuries, we want to influence public transportation providers to safeguard passengers better in the future.

How Buses Pose a Threat to Other Vehicles on the Road

The average bus load is around 55 passengers, while many loads far exceed that average.

This means that the driver and every single one of those passengers is at risk of serious injury or death in a major bus accident, but they are not the only ones in danger. Buses can cause harm to passengers in surrounding vehicles, bicycle riders, and even walking passengers. The length and weight of a bus means that it can cause serious harm to several other object and people, in addition to its dozens of passengers inside. If you were injured by a bus as a pedestrian or passenger in a vehicle, the experienced attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP want to help.

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Seeking compensation for injuries sustained in a bus accident is significantly more complicated than doing so for car accidents. This mostly has to do with liability issues. Buses are often own and operated by governing bodies, making the process more difficult. Additionally, claims need to made within a brief period of time following the accident. Arnold & Itkin's Louisiana injury lawyers have won massive verdicts and settlements for our clients in a number of these cases and will put to use our expertise, talent, and dedication to winning what is rightfully yours.

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