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Royal Dutch Shell is one of the largest energy companies in the world, with over 100,000 employees in 70+ countries. Shell specializes in searching for oil and gas reserves, drilling wells, and extracting crude oil and natural gas for international markets. Shell Exploration and Production headquarters are in Houston, Texas, with key operating locations in the Gulf of Mexico, Wyoming, and Alabama. What started as an import-export company in the mid-1830s has become one of the world’s leading energy companies.

Winning Cases Against Big Companies

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Shell’s employees helped it become one of the top companies in the industry. Unfortunately, workers in the oil and gas industry still have one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation. With all the risks they face every day, workers deserve a safe workplace. Yet when accidents happen, companies like Shell may focus on protecting their bottom line instead of giving workers what they need to live. When injured employees are left without the financial support they need to move forward, the Royal Dutch Shell accident attorneys at Arnold & Itkin are there to help.

Arnold & Itkin has helped hundreds of injured workers receive the compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries in a Shell rig accident, contact our Royal Dutch Shell accident lawyers at (888) 493-1629.

Shell Leaves Globetrotter II Crew Stranded in Hurricane Ida

Shell made headlines most recently when the Globetrotter II, a drillship leased by Shell and owned by Noble Corporation, was left stranded in Hurricane Ida, one of the most powerful hurricanes seen in recent years. Ida, classified as a Category 4 hurricane, literally tossed the Globetrotter II about in winds of up to 150 miles per hour and swells up to 80 feet high. The worst part? The Globetrotter II's crew was on board.

142 people spent more than a day trapped in a storm that battered their vessel with such intensity that it nearly capsized several times. As they were thrown about in the hurricane, the crew thought they were going to die.

The U.S. Coast Guard was finally able to mobilize and rescue the Globetrotter II's crew members, but not before they experienced some of the most emotionally and physically traumatizing events of their lives. Some suffered back, neck, shoulder, and other injuries as they endured terrifying conditions aboard the drillship in the storm. Anxiety, scattered focus, and difficulty sleeping can also be expected after enduring something of this kind, not to mention an inability to go to sea or work offshore in any capacity.

Several of the crew members came to Arnold & Itkin for help after their ordeal. Our attorneys have filed suit against Shell, Noble, and other parties for their failure to evacuate the crew safely before Ida hit. Companies like Shell have an obligation to protect workers, and that includes from Mother Nature herself. They knew Hurricane Ida was coming and failed to get the Globetrotter II and her crew out of the way in time. We intend to prove this.

How Our Royal Dutch Shell Accident Attorneys Can Help

The Financial Times reports that Shell saw more employee deaths than any other western oil company in 2008. Since 2000, Shell has been fined more than $600 million for environmental and workplace safety violations. Our firm has held Shell accountable to their own employees before.

Shell has failed to keep their employees safe on many occasions, including:

  • Two Shell Workers Killed in Fire on North Sea Platform (2003) 
    The two men were working in a leg of the Brent Bravo production unit when a sudden gas explosion occurred. The incident could have been prevented if the gas leak had been repaired as soon as it was discovered. After this incident, Shell implemented the necessary offshore training and repairs to keep the North Sea Platform safe.
  • Crush Injuries Suffered Aboard Drilling Rig (2015) 
    On March 4, 2015, an oil rig worker suffered serious injuries during an offshore drilling accident. At the time of the accident, the roughneck was on the monkey board on the Transocean Barents doing an inspection. At this time, the worker was under contract with Shell. The investigation cited Shell for inadequate design of the work area and conflicting procedure requirements for accessing and working in the derrick.
  • Fire Breaks Out on Oil & Gas Platform (2017) 
    On November 9, 2017, an oil rig fire broke out on the Shell Enchilada Platform, which was located 100 miles south of Vermillion Bay. As a result of the fire, two workers were injured and more than 3 dozen were evacuated. The injured workers suffered severe burn injuries and concussions. This incident was caused due to Shell’s negligence—a Shell pipeline operator failed to adequately supervise and train employees on safety procedures.

Arnold & Itkin represented all of these workers.

Common Injuries Caused by Rig Accidents

Serious injuries can result from drilling rig accidents. In most cases, these incidents are preventable. Even experienced workers get hurt by unsafe practices, bad training, or old equipment. If you were injured on a drilling rig, you may be looking for a way to move forward with financial stability. Arnold & Itkin may be able to help.

Common life-altering injuries caused by rig accidents include:

Royal Dutch Shell Accident Claim Attorneys

Time and time again, we have seen even the clearest cases stopped or weighed down by endless delay tactics. Companies do this knowing that they have the resources to wait out injured workers and pressure them to drop their cases. Arnold & Itkin refuses to stand aside and let companies deny compensation to hurting and grieving families. We are proud to help injured workers and their families get the money they need for medical care, lost wages, and more. We have won billions of dollars on behalf of our clients—find out if we can help you too.

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries or a wrongful death in a Shell accident, contact our Royal Dutch Shell accident attorneys for a free consultation: (888) 493-1629.

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