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Placid Refining Company LLC owns and operates a Port Allen, Louisiana refinery that converts crude oil into different petroleum products: diesel, gasoline, ethanol, jet fuel, fuel oils, and liquid petroleum gas. The facility processes about 75,000 barrels of domestically sourced crude oil every day. Placid Refining is one of the largest employers in the Port Allen area and distributes fuels across the southeastern United States. The company is also a major supplier of jet fuel to the U.S. military.

Independent and privately held, Placid Refining’s mission is to “provide the best quality and most affordable fuels needed to meet the growing demand for energy.” Placid Refining Company purchased the Port Allen facility in 1975 and, according to the company’s website, has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to improve the refinery’s processes and production while reducing emissions.

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Why Refinery Accidents Happen

Working at a refinery like Placid Refining is tough but rewarding. Workers must be properly trained and given the correct equipment and protective gear to be able to perform their jobs, and they must be vigilant when it comes to safety procedures and even routine tasks. They operate heavy machinery and complex equipment that can cause traumatic injuries if it malfunctions. Refinery crews and contractors work around volatile, toxic substances that could ignite in a millisecond, tearing through a facility and destroying everything and everyone in their path.

Safety violations, improper training, and aging or defective equipment can cause:

When the companies that own and operate refineries like Placid Refining cut corners, it is workers and their families who end up paying the ultimate price.

Deadly Accident at Placid Refinery in Port Allen, Louisiana

On March 2, 2016, an accident at Placid Refinery left one worker dead and another with a traumatic brain injury. The two men, who worked for a company that provided services to Placid Refining, were taking bolts out of a pump so it could be removed. They put on their airline respirators, which were supposed to provide a supply of safe air to breathe, but the respirators were attached to argon instead. Argon is an odorless, colorless gas that cannot cause much harm in small quantities, but it is an asphyxiant: it displaces oxygen in the air. With argon in their respirators instead of fresh air, the workers suffered from asphyxiation.

Both workers were airlifted from Placid Refining to local hospitals. The first, a 43-year-old cutter and welder, died several days later from complications related to argon exposure. The second worker, a 23-year-old millwright, was hospitalized with a brain injury and suffered from memory loss.

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If you work for Placid Refining or in any industrial setting, you have rights. If you are injured, you may be covered by workers’ compensation, which provides medical benefits and a portion of your lost earnings for any work-related injury or illness. You may even have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit if a third party was involved. In cases of gross negligence or misconduct, you could recover compensation not only for medical care and lost earnings but also for punitive damages, which are ordered to penalize the at-fault party.

These benefits and compensation are necessary so you can rebuild and move on with your life.

At Arnold & Itkin, we’ve fought for and recovered over $10 million on behalf of the injured and wronged. We’re known nationwide for our work representing the hard-working men and women that keep America’s oil and gas companies running, particularly when these businesses try to cut corners and avoid accountability. We’ve gone up against the toughest opponents in and out of the courtroom, securing the types of verdicts and settlements that change our clients’ lives.

To speak with a Placid Refining accident lawyer about your case, give us a call at (888) 493-1629 or contact us online. Your consultation is always free and confidential.

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