Outdated Plant Equipment

Our plant accident lawyers discuss outdated industrial plant equipment and the dangers of working with it.

Kurt Arnold – Texas Plant Accident Attorney

As a lot of folks know, most plants have not been updated in 50 or 60 years.

Most of the equipment that is used is really old equipment. It's old technology. They are things that worked when we didn't have new technology available. For whatever reason, most companies have decided not to upgrade their plants and not to build new plants.

We've represented individuals in the BP Texas City explosion, something that was completely avoidable through some basic simple steps. We've represented individuals in plant explosions all across Texas, all across the country. There is always a common denominator, and that is there is old equipment, with old policy, that they knew better and knew of the risk, and they just didn't do anything about it.

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They made me feel very secure…They were looking out for my best interests, and they cared about the things that were going on with me.”
-Deepwater Horizon Crew Member