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Specializing in the transmission and storage of natural gas, Dow Hydrocarbons and Resources is a subsidiary of Dow, Inc. Dow is a corporation based out of Houston, Texas that has been operating for over 120 years. It is among the three largest chemical producers in the world and manufactures chemicals, plastics, and agricultural products. With a presence in about 160 countries, Dow employs approximately 54,000 people across the planet.

Despite its experience in the industry, Dow has had serious accidents and has been found at fault multiple times, such as a $2 million penalty after an investigation revealed elevated levels of the cancer-causing chemical dioxin in their pesticide products. That marked the largest penalty ever levied in a pesticide case in the United States.

If you have been harmed while working for Dow Hydrocarbons and Resources or are a consumer who was injured in a pipeline accident, plant leak, or any type of industrial accident, we are here to help. Contact our firm for a free, private consultation.

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Dow Hydrocarbons & Resources Accidents

Companies like Dow Hydrocarbons and Resources, which are involved in the transmission and storage of natural gas, must take proper precautions to prevent on-the-job injuries and accidents that could lead to gas leaks or explosions. Failures to observe workplace safety standards and environmental regulations can have disastrous results, causing catastrophic injury, property damage, and death.

We can take on cases for oil and gas industry workers and others harmed in or by:

Our Dow accident attorneys are ready to listen to your concerns and answer your questions if you have experienced injuries or have lost someone you love.

Dow Ordered to Pay $2 Million Penalty for Misleading Advertising

At the end of 2003, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical Co. was ordered to pay a $2 million penalty for misleading advertising related to its pesticides. The state of New York ordered the company to pay the penalty for making illegal safety claims, when in fact the pesticides contained dioxin, a chemical known to cause cancer in humans. Because of Dow’s mismarketing of the pesticides, consumers were not taking proper measures to protect themselves from exposure, according to the New York Attorney General.

Companies Like Dow Hydrocarbons Must Protect Workers & the Environment

Even the largest and oldest companies have an obligation to protect their workers and the communities and environments in which they operate. When they fail to provide safe workplaces, do not properly maintain equipment, or violate environmental regulations, they should be held accountable. If you or someone you know has been injured in any type of accident at a Dow Hydrocarbons and Resources plant or other facility, you should explore your legal options.

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