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Noble Energy Inc. is an independent energy company that specializes in exploration, development, and production of crude oil and natural gas worldwide. Since the early 1920s, Noble Energy has developed advanced technology and geographic expansion—becoming a leading independent energy company. The company employs more than 2,200 people with a market cap of over $16 billion according to Forbes.

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Noble Energy has a long history of crude oil and natural gas exploration both offshore and onshore since 1932. Because their workers face serious hazards every day, employees need assurances they will get care and compensation in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. When workers get injured or suffer wrongful deaths, energy companies often delay litigation to force employees to settle. The Noble Energy accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin have represented countless workers who were denied compensation after an accident. Our legal team has helped them by ensuring they get the medical and financial resources they need.

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AI Files Multiple Lawsuits Against Noble Corp. in September 2021

In August 2021, the Noble-owned drillship Globetrotter II was working in the Gulf of Mexico leased out to Shell. Near the end of the month, the National Hurricane Center released a forecast that Hurricane Ida was days away from the Globetrotter II, giving the crew plenty of time to unlatch and evacuate. Unfortunately, that’s not what Noble directed them to do. Noble told the crew to keep working until the morning Hurricane Ida descended.

By the time the crew was free to get out of Ida’s way, it was too late. To make matters worse, Noble directed the crew’s path to within 10 miles of the eyewall, where the hurricane is strongest. Once there, the crew were forced to endure 150 mph winds and 80-foot swells that battered the vessel for hours, storm forces that were later determined to be one of the strongest in U.S. history. From the crew’s perspective, all they knew was that the ship was moments away from capsizing several times through the night. Crew members were thrown against the walls of the ship multiple times, at times walking on the walls because the ship was listing so severely.

All of them, including hardened and experienced seamen, believed they were going to die.

Thankfully, the crew got word out that they were left to die by companies that refused to send aid, and the Coast Guard rescued them all. Now, we’re holding Noble responsible for their role in inflicting physical and mental harm that will last a lifetime. Our Jones Act lawyers have filed claims for six crew members against Noble, Shell, and child companies that made the decisions that changed our clients' lives forever.

Noble Energy Accidents

Worker safety should be a concern for every oil and gas company. Offshore and onshore workers have a uniquely dangerous job. Any accident, big or small, can lead to catastrophic injuries and even death. Unfortunately, Noble Energy has been the site of numerous accidents that have affected many workers’ lives. Since 2000, Noble Energy has been fined over $78 million for environmental and workplace safety violations.

The 2014 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigation proved Noble Energy did not provide employees with appropriate safety training. Training exists for employees to recognize and prevent hazards likely to cause death or serious injuries. Employees were occasionally exposed to respiratory hazards during tank gauging and crude oil sampling operations. Without training, these employees would have no idea of the danger or the company’s responsibility to mitigate that danger.

Common Injuries Caused by Rig Accidents

Unfortunately, many injuries caused by rig accidents tend to be catastrophic due to the heavy machinery and fast-paced work involved. Employers fail to provide workers with the required safety equipment or training—putting the lives of many employees in danger. It is the employer’s duty to ensure work environments are safe and that workers have proper equipment.

Common life-altering injuries caused by rig accidents include:

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Our Noble Energy accident lawyers have helped thousands of workers fight for the compensation they deserve after an oil rig accident. Time and time again we see companies like Noble Energy, or their insurers and lawyers, do everything they can to withhold recovery after an accident. You deserve more than that. Our Noble Energy accident attorneys have recovered billions of dollars on behalf our clients. We have a proven track record of success in the oil and gas industry. We have the resources to fight against the companies involved in your accident—regardless of size.

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries in an offshore or oilfield accident, contact our Noble Energy accident attorneys today for a free case review: (888) 493-1629!

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