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Dallas Explosion Lawyers

Helping Survivors & Families in Dallas, Fort Worth, & Surrounding Areas

Explosions are devastating. While being involved in one seems far-fetched or impossible, they’re serious accidents that happen consistently throughout the U.S. They can happen in homes, at work, or even on highways.

Though they happen quickly, explosions often leave those closest to them with lifelong repercussions.

Survivors of explosions often have serious injuries such as burns, blunt force trauma, acoustic trauma, and more. These injuries are notable because they often change the quality of a person’s life or, at the very least, require extensive rehabilitation. For most explosion survivors, life is never the same. Victims of explosions leave behind family members who never expected to lose their loved one in such a way. Often, families are forced to deal with medical debt, funeral costs, lost wages, and answering difficult questions after the loss of someone they love.

Unfortunately, the truth is this: explosions are almost always preventable. At Arnold & Itkin, our Dallas explosion lawyers have experience investigating complicated accidents and holding negligent parties accountable for failing to prevent them. We can’t change the harm that explosions cause for survivors and families, but we can fight to help them find a path forward after one.

Get help from a Dallas explosion law firm that has recovered billions of dollars for clients: (888) 493-1629. We help clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, and throughout the nation.

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Types of Explosion Cases Our Dallas Law Firm Has Handled

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what type of explosion you’re suffering after—our firm has helped after many different types of accidents. In fact, we’ve helped clients after some of the most notable recent explosions. When the BP Texas Refinery exploded in 2005, our team fought to make sure families were treated right. After the Deepwater Horizon exploded and triggered one of the worst offshore disasters in United States history, our team helped nearly one-third of the crew find answers. When the Williams Olefin plant exploded in 2013, we secured more than $33 million from a company that was willing to do anything but the right thing for its workers.

Our Dallas explosion lawyers have investigated incidents such as the following:

Why Explosion Injuries Are Serious

The immense force and heat that explosions exert on human bodies mean that survivors often sustain injuries during them. Often, these injuries are so serious that they’re labeled as catastrophic—a medical and legal label for injuries that change the rest of a person’s life. Catastrophic injuries often mean that a person experiences pain, lost mobility, and other difficulties for the rest of their life.

Catastrophic explosion injuries include:

Those who sustain injuries such as the ones listed above deserve compensation from the party that could have prevented them. Along with their physical and emotional costs, catastrophic injuries are accompanied by a hefty price tag—those who suffer from them require extensive medical care, are often unable to work, and might require ongoing treatment or help for the rest of their life.

Common Types of Explosions

When explosions happen at work sites or in homes, they're typical caused by several common factors. While all incidents are different, our Dallas explosion lawyers see a pattern of common types of accidents that are almost always preventable.

Common sources of explosions in Dallas include:

  • Natural gas: Our state—and the rest of the nation—has a sprawling network of natural gas pipelines. While they make the conveniences of modern life possible, natural gas lines can be incredibly dangerous if not adequately maintained by companies. Additionally, workers at natural gas facilities are placed at significant risk when companies don't take the right safety precautions to protect them.
  • Oil explosions: Since the Dallas area is surrounded by oilfields, workers in the area face the risk of explosion each day. However, these explosions are preventable if employers train workers, maintain work sites, and take the right steps to mitigate and prevent dangers. Any explosion at a refinery, oil rig, or pipeline was likely preventable.
  • Chemical explosions: Each day, facilities throughout the Dallas area use dangerous chemicals to make products. If handled properly, the benefit of using these hazardous materials outweighs their risk. But, when companies fail to have the right standards, catastrophic chemical explosions can harm workers as well as anyone who lives near a facility.

Get Help from Our Dallas Explosion Injury & Death Lawyers: (888) 493-1629

If you’re suffering after an explosion, getting legal help as soon as possible is crucial. Explosion investigations are complicated, and responsible parties often take every step possible to avoid being held fully accountable for them. Calling our Dallas explosion attorneys means that you’ll have an experienced team investigating your situation and working on getting you the help you deserve as soon as possible.

Call us now for a free consultation at (888) 493-1629. Or, fill out our online form and a team member at our explosion law firm in Dallas will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Common Questions

  • What Should I Do If I Was Injured by an Explosion?

    If you’ve sustained injuries because of an explosion, you should receive treatment for them even if you don’t think they’re serious. Getting medical attention creates an early record of your injuries after the blast and helps to make sure you’re healthy. Some explosion injuries—such as brain injuries—are not always obvious. If you were at work, report your injuries as soon as possible to your employer.

    However, don’t sign any documents or accept any settlements. While it might seem like they’re doing the right thing, they might not be acting in your best interests. After doing the thing above, you should call Arnold & Itkin and speak with one of our Dallas explosion injury lawyers. A consultation with our team is free and will help you decide what steps you should take next.

  • An Explosion Killed a Loved One. Can I File a Claim?

    Family members of a person killed by an explosion can often file a wrongful death lawsuit. Filing this type of claim will serve two purposes. First, it’ll a wrongful death lawsuit will demand answers from the parties who could’ve prevented your loved one’s death and your suffering.

    Second, it can help you recover financially by seeking damages for things such as lost wages, medical care, funeral costs, loss of companionship, and much more. While a lawsuit won’t completely fix what happened, it can help you and your family find a path forward during this difficult time. It might also help prevent the same thing from happening to other families.

  • How Much Does Hiring a Dallas Explosion Law Firm Cost?

    At Arnold & Itkin, we want our services to be as affordable as possible. That’s why we cover the costs of every case we take and only collect a payment if we get results during it. Working this way relieves pressure on our clients while enabling them to get help from a proven explosion injury law firm.
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