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Dallas Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Our Serious Injury Law Firm Helps Survivors Find the Answers They Need

A serious injury may change your life in ways you couldn’t have imagined—leaving you unable to do the things you once enjoyed, earn as much money as you once did, and even perform day-to-day tasks. While dealing with the physical pain and emotional trauma, you may also run into trouble getting the right medical treatment, not to mention ongoing care and financial support for lost earnings.

At Arnold & Itkin, we understand the true impact that a catastrophic injury will have for victims and their families. Our Dallas serious injury attorneys take on these cases and give them the time and attention they deserve—not only from a legal standpoint but from a personal standpoint as well.

Our team represents victims who have suffered such serious injuries as:

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Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

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Over $20 Billion Won by Dallas Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

All firms have to be measured by their results. Our Dallas serious injury firm measures success not only by the size of our verdicts and settlement, but by the lives changed by our work. We’ve changed thousands of lives by winning the medical care, lost wages, and future security plaintiffs need.

Some of our notable victories in catastrophic injury cases include:

  • $557 million for a client who lost brain function and multiple extremities in a railroad accident
  • $177.5 million for workers who were burned in an industrial explosion
  • $117 million for a pregnant mother who sustained serious brain and spine injuries in an ambulance accident
  • $92.7 million for a plaintiff severely burned in a work accident, setting a new record for Texas burn claims
  • $87 million for a young man who suffered life-threatening burns while working at a refinery
  • $44 million for a client who lost his leg in a serious crane accident, the largest verdict for an individual amputee
  • $15.4 million for four injured contract workers injured in a massive and preventable plant explosion

When the stakes are high, and you have a long road to recovery, you need to have legal advocates on your side who get results. Our catastrophic injury lawyers can't guarantee any specific outcomes, but we can assure each of our clients that we take cases we truly believe in and that we will fight tirelessly for them. At Arnold & Itkin, we're honored to have won significant victories on our clients' behalf, fighting for them to get the care and resources to move forward with their lives.

Recent Cases Filed by Our Dallas Catastrophic Injury Firm

Texas is a hub for some of the most dangerous industries in the country. Oilfield work, commercial trucking, offshore drilling—all of it happens here. Unfortunately, we’ve seen firsthand how hard-working employees in these industries pay the price for company negligence. In almost every case, the company denies any responsibility. 

These are just a few of our recent investigations:

Visit any one of these articles to learn more about what we’re doing to hold companies accountable for the harm they've caused.

What Makes an Injury ‘Catastrophic’?

“Catastrophic injury” is a legal classification defined by the long-term impact of an accident or injury. Any injury likely to leave you impaired or disabled long-term (sometimes defined as “longer than a year”) will be considered “catastrophic.” If an injury causes mobile, cognitive, or sensory impairment, it also falls under catastrophic injury. 

These injuries require their own legal classification because the cost of these injuries is so much larger than short-term injuries. The combined cost of medical care, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, and lowered quality of life can equal millions of dollars, even tens of millions. That's why plaintiffs facing serious injuries after an accident need to speak with a catastrophic injury firm in Dallas as soon as possible after an accident.

Where Dallas Catastrophic Injuries Occur

A person may experience a serious injury virtually anywhere. They could be at work, driving to school, or running an errand when the unexpected occurs. In an instant, they have suffered the type of injury that changes their life. The future they once envisioned is now more distant than ever as they face the harsh reality of mounting medical bills and living expenses. Depending on the circumstances, a person who has suffered a catastrophic injury may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits or may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

Catastrophic, life-altering injuries can occur in:

Common Types of Cases Our Dallas Catastrophic Injury Lawyers Handle

Although there are a variety of injuries that are considered catastrophic, they all have an enormous impact on the victim’s life and their family members. A victim will need to seek compensation to afford medical treatment and to recover their lost wages. Most people cannot afford to manage serious injuries and disabilities while maintaining the same quality of life. For survivors who lost a limb or lost their mobility, they will require long-term expenses for prosthetics and for equipment to accommodate their new capabilities.

What injuries are considered catastrophic? Types of catastrophic injuries include:

  • Acoustic Trauma: Causes severe hearing damage. Usually causes permanent hearing loss.
  • Blunt Force Trauma: Caused by significant force applied to the body. One of the most common areas this injury affects is the head, which can lead to brain damage.
  • Burns, Scarring, & Disfigurement: These injuries are characterized by the destruction of the skin down to the muscle/bone. Full-thickness burns require extensive treatment and sometimes amputation.
  • Neck & Back Injuries: At least one million people suffer from neck and back injuries every year. Some are so severe that they leave a victim with chronic pain and loss of mobility.
  • Neurological Injuries: These injuries can cause permanent loss of cognitive function.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Spinal cord injuries can cause partial limb dysfunction or even paralysis.
  • Vision Loss & Other Eye Injuries: Loss of vision is one of the most common workplace injuries.

Our firm can fight for the recovery you or your loved one needs for life. This is a stressful time, and there is a lot of uncertainty and unanswered questions. Our team of Dallas serious injury lawyers focuses on guiding clients on the right path while giving them peace of mind about their future.

‘Pain & Suffering’ in Catastrophic Injury Cases

Catastrophic injuries are so deeply harmful that the law allows plaintiffs to claim “noneconomic damages,” or damages that cannot be quantified in the same way as lost wages or medical bills. Noneconomic damages, also known as “pain and suffering,” seek recovery for the emotional, social, and psychological harm inflicted on plaintiffs.

Pain and suffering damages include:

  • Loss of companionship (emotional/psychological damage to a relationship)
  • Loss of consortium (physical harm to an intimate relationship)
  • Loss of enjoyment (impairment of ability to enjoy recreational activity)

In rare cases where the defendant exhibited extremely reckless or even criminal negligence, the court may grant the plaintiff “punitive damages.” This is an award granted purely to incentivize the defendant to change behavior and prevent such accidents from occurring again.

Statute of Limitations on Dallas Personal Injury Claims

In Texas, the statute of limitations on injury claims is two years. The clock starts running either when the injury took place or when you discovered the injury. In most catastrophic injury situations, the date of the injury is the important one. Typically, the date of discovery of an injury refers either to medical cases or situations involving occupational illness.

In either case, the two-year window is what’s legally known as a “statute of limitations.” Essentially, the law puts a time limit on when personal injury claims can get filed. 

About Dallas, Texas

Located near the three forks of the Trinity River in Texas, Dallas is the third most populous city in the state. It is the key city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and had a population of more than 1.3 million people as of 2020. Dallas is known for its strong economy and cultural diversity, making it a popular location for businesses, families, and young professionals. Several Fortune 500 companies are headquartered within the Dallas city limits, and the city has 2 major airports, Dallas Love Field and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, as well as a major inland port, key railroads, and four interstates that converge in the city.

One key aspect to many catastrophic accident cases is not only getting help from emergency services, but also getting a police report on the matter. The Dallas Police Department, headquartered in the Cedars neighborhood, is responsible for policing and public safety throughout most of the city. Dallas Fire-Rescue provides emergency medical services and firefighting efforts, and it operates the Dallas Firefighter’s Museum, which was built in 1907.

When it comes to seeking necessary medical care after a serious injury, there are numerous hospitals and medical facilities can be found throughout Dallas. UT Southwestern Medical Center is the biggest medical school in Texas, with more than 13,500 employees and 2.7 outpatient visits every year. Parkland Memorial Hospital serves as the public hospital for Dallas County, and the William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital is a primary teaching hospital in the area. The nationally ranked Children’s Health Dallas is a pediatric acute care teaching hospital. Veterans can visit the Dallas VA Medical Center, which also includes a mail-order prescription center for veterans called a Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy. Additional hospitals include Baylor University Medical Center, Scottish Rite for Children, Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Medical City Dallas Hospital, Methodist Charlton Medical Center, and Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas.

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Our Catastrophic Injury Lawyers in Dallas Have Recovered Over $20 Billion

With these situations, our goal is to help you rebuild so you can face a better and more stable life. This is not easy after serious injuries, but the right medical treatment, ongoing care, and financial support can make a significant difference for victims and their families. Serving Dallas and the entire U.S., our serious injury lawyers have the experience and resources to face off against any opponent in the pursuit of justice for our clients. In fact, we’ve recovered billions of dollars in compensation for the injured.

You’ve been through enough—call our Dallas catastrophic injury law firm at (888) 493-1629 for a free, confidential consultation.

Common Questions

  • What Causes Serious Injuries?

    No matter who you are, where you live, or what you do for a living, you could be at risk of suffering a serious injury in an accident or another incident that you have no control over—that occurs because someone else was negligent, careless, or reckless. Traffic accidents, workplace accidents, defective products, dangerous medical devices, and accidents on another's property can all cause catastrophic injuries.
  • What Can a Dallas Work Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Help With?

    At Arnold & Itkin, our Dallas serious injury firm is dedicated to helping people recover the funds they need to recover from and live with the repercussions of an accident. Catastrophic injuries are often difficult to recover from and require extensive medical treatment. They also can mean that a person won't be able to work for a wage as they did before. Our team focuses on recovering all damages associated with an accident so survivors don't have to worry about their finances after going through so much.
  • What Does it Cost to Hire Your Dallas Serious Injury Law Firm?

    Our Dallas catastrophic injury attorneys work using what's known as a contingency fee. In simplest terms, this means that we'll only collect a fee if we earn results for a client. We cover upfront costs associated with a case so our clients can focus on recovering rather than worrying about if they can afford the help they deserve.
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