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If you work in an industrial occupation, you’re at an increased risk of injury. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable when industrial workers are harmed. Rather, it makes safety measures, proper training, and supervision even more important at your worksite. Your employer is held to a hdigh standard when it comes to making sure you have a safe work environment so you can do your job. Unfortunately, some companies cut corners to try to increase production—at their workers’ expense.

Arnold & Itkin is here to help if you were injured or lost someone you love in an industrial accident. If you’re having trouble getting the medical care you need, were blamed for your accident, or have had your benefits denied or delayed, call our firm. Our Dallas industrial injury lawyers know how to get you the care and financial support you need, not just for today and tomorrow but for the rest of your life.

Call (888) 493-1629 for a 100% free consultation. Our Dallas injury lawyers want to hear your story and give you the answers you deserve. We help clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, throughout Texas, and nationwide.

Where Dallas Industrial Accidents Happen

As one of the economic hubs of Texas and the nation, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is no stranger to industrial accidents. Workers face dangers in the area’s factories, refineries, and especially in the oilfields that surround the area. Virtually any type of employee, contractor, or subcontractor may be at risk of harm in an industrial accident.

Dallas industrial accidents may happen in areas such as:

In each of these settings, it’s the responsibility of companies, supervisors, and other employees to make sure they’re being safe. Companies must make workers have safety equipment, training, and that their facilities are properly maintained for a safe environment. Likewise, supervisors and workers must ensure they’re following their training and respecting the safety of their coworkers. When companies fail in their duty to provide reasonably safe work environments, our Dallas industrial accident law firm is there to set things right.

Types of Injuries Our Dallas Industrial Accident Lawyers Help After

Industrial injuries are particularly notable because of how serious they tend to be. Industrial workers face hazards not found at many other job sites, including heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, and even the risk of explosion. Because of this, industrial injuries tend to be very serious. In addition to requiring emergency treatment and hospitalization, an industrial injury may require ongoing care, physical therapy, reconstructive surgery, medication, assistive devices, and even in-home modifications so the patient can perform normal activities. Some who are seriously injured in industrial accidents are unable to return to work for some time—if at all.

The following are examples of industrial work injuries:

At Arnold & Itkin LLP, our Dallas industrial accident law firm helps workers suffering from all types of catastrophic injuries. We seek the compensation that clients need to hold companies accountable and to make sure that our clients have the means to move forward after accidents that cause life-altering harm.

Leading Causes of Industrial Injuries

As an industrial worker, you probably must deal with physical strain, possible exposure to dangerous chemicals, heavy equipment, and countless other risks. Your employer has a responsibility to put in the level of training and the types of procedures that minimize these risks and protect your well-being. If they fail in this, you and your co-workers may pay the ultimate price.

The following are the leading causes of industrial injuries:

  • Defective tools, equipment, or machinery
  • Improper personal protection equipment
  • Poorly designed machinery or equipment
  • Lack of/improper maintenance
  • Inadequate fall protection
  • Lack of adequate training and supervision
  • Unsafe storage methods
  • Improper lighting
  • Lack of respiratory protection
  • Dangerous use of ladders and scaffolding
  • Lack of proper ventilation
  • Overwork and fatigue

The issues above cause accidents that can be devastating and life-changing for workers. These accidents can cause serious injuries that require extensive recovery. In some instances, injuries can be catastrophic and stay with a person for the rest of their life. That is why it is so important to work with a Dallas industrial injury attorney. A competent attorney can work to maximize an injured worker's recovery, helping them rebuild.

Types of Accidents at Factories & Other Industrial Worksites

Factory workers and others at industrial worksites may be at risk of specific types of accidents due to the nature of their job duties and the environments where they perform these. As Dallas factory accident attorneys, we realize there is a difference between inherent risks at the workplace and outright negligence or wrongdoing. When factory accidents injure workers or claim lives, we utilize our resources to investigate and get to the bottom of what caused the incidents in the first place. This helps survivors and victims' families get answers, plus it opens the door to compensation from at-fault parties: our Dallas factory injury lawyers' main goals.

Serious industrial accidents include:

Industrial Injury FAQ

How Can a Dallas Industrial Injury Lawyer Help Me?

A Dallas industrial injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you need rather than the compensation you're offered. Often, companies offer settlements after serious accidents. While it may seem like they’re doing the right they, they’re often trying to escape accountability for as little as possible. Once a settlement is accepted by a worker or their family, further legal action becomes impossible. An industrial accident lawyer can examine your settlement offer and investigate the details of your case to make sure you’re getting the help you need. When you work with Arnold & Itkin, we’ll fight for fair compensation for your medical bills, cost of future care, lost wages, and any other types of losses caused by the accident.

Who Is Responsible for Dallas Industrial Accidents?

Often, it’s companies that are responsible for accidents at industrial sites. While they often try to blame workers and supervisors, it’s ultimately the responsibility of companies to train workers, provide safety equipment, and make sure facilities are maintained and safe to be in. Too often, cutting corners with safety to save money is a risk companies make. When this causes an accident, they should be held accountable. That's what our Dallas industrial accident law firm works to accomplish every day.

What If My Dallas Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Texas is one of the only states that doesn’t require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Because of this, many employers in the state take a chance and don’t carry the insurance. If you’ve been injured in a factory accident or any incident at an industrial worksite and your employer doesn’t have insurance, you still have options for recovery. Calling our Dallas industrial accident lawyers will help you discover what those options are at no cost.

Should I File a Workers’ Comp Claim If My Employer Has Insurance Coverage?

You should always speak with an attorney before filing a workers’ compensation claim. While the insurance can help after an accident, filing a claim isn’t always the right decision—especially if negligence on the part of your employer caused your injuries. Often, filing a workers’ compensation claim means that you’ll be prevented from pursuing further compensation, no matter how much you need it and deserve it.

What Should You Do After a Work Accident?

The first thing anyone should do after getting hurt on the job is to seek medical attention and notify their employer of their injury. While your company might send you to their doctor, remember that it’s your right to get a second opinion from your preferred care provider. Second, don’t sign any documents from your company or accept any settlement offers from them—you’re not required to do so before speaking with an attorney.

Last, you should always contact an attorney after an industrial accident. At Arnold & Itkin LLP, a consultation with our Dallas industrial injury law firm is free, confidential, and will help you decide what to do next. Importantly, if we take your case, you won’t have to pay us anything unless we get results.

If your loved one was the victim of a deadly work accident, we're ready to help. Our Dallas wrongful death attorneys help families find answers for financial difficulties such as lost wages, medical bills, funeral expenses, and much more.

What Are Some Common Types of Industrial Injuries?

Industrial injuries may include virtually anything from a broken bone caused by a factory accident to severe burns in a plant explosion. Burn injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputation, and internal organ damage can be caused by falls, fires, explosions, equipment malfunction, or exposure to toxins. Some industrial injuries occur as a result of repetitive motion or overexertion, like carpal tunnel syndrome or back injuries. Because there are so many types of industrial injuries, it is important to make sure you know your treatment plan, what to expect in terms of your recovery, and how all of your medical care will be paid for. These are all things that a Dallas industrial injury lawyer at our firm can help you with if we take on your case.

Our Dallas Industrial Accident Lawyers Have Taken on the Largest Companies

Located in Dallas, our industrial accident attorneys are known across the U.S. for facing off against the biggest corporations—and winning significant verdicts and settlements for our injured clients. We have won billions for the injured and will continue to win because it’s what we must do to help the hard-working men and women who've been hurt or have lost loved ones in preventable industrial accidents.

Call (888) 493-1629 to speak with a Dallas industrial accident law firm that's recovered billions for clients by never backing down. We're ready to see how we can help you.

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I was treated very well. They took initiative to find out exactly what happened. They followed up with my conditions and made sure that I got everything I need to get my life started back.

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