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Baton Rouge Law Firm Protecting Oil Rig Workers Off the Coast of Louisiana

The Gulf of Mexico is home to some of the most offshore oil drilling in the world. Additionally, oil drilling is among the most dangerous professions known to our nation’s workforce. For many of the Louisiana crewman, it becomes a way of life, and even being aware of the dangers does not stop them from simply going about their duties. Unfortunately, Arnold & Itkin LLP is familiar with the damage caused by oil rig explosions and we do our best to find compensation for those workers who were wrongfully placed in unsafe conditions.

The Deepwater Horizon incident of 2010 is perhaps one of the most high-profile oil rig explosions in recent years off of the Gulf Coast. Our team represented over a third of the workers suing for compensation for their injuries, which was a larger portion than any other personal injury firm involved in that case. We were able to win significant compensation for the injured workers we represented in that case, and we want to do the same for you if you or your loved one has experienced injury or death as a result of an oil rig explosion off of the coast of Louisiana. Even though these jobs are dangerous, it does not excuse many factors that wrongfully lead to the endangering of employees.

Causes of Oil Rig Explosions

Being exposed to the elements out at sea and working with hazardous chemicals do naturally make for a dangerous working climate, but many of the accidents that lead to explosions are the result of the negligence or incompetence of another party involved in the drilling.

Below are some causes of oil rig explosions that would entitle you to compensation:

  • Oil Rig Fires: Oil and many of the chemicals used on rigs are extremely flammable, which is why they should be properly secured. If these chemicals are spilled or exposed to oxygen, the fires they cause may lead to an explosion that could have been avoided.
  • Failing Equipment: The equipment use on oil rigs may be decades out of date; increasing usage exposes them to malfunctions. It is often not updated out of fear of missing out of profits during renovation, selfishly exposing employees to disaster.
  • Negligence: This can refer to the irresponsible oversight of management, ownership, or even a fellow coworker. It is up to those in leadership roles to maintain a safe working environment; failure to do so many constitute negligence.

Compensating Your Oil Rig Explosion Injuries

Not only do oil rigs handle flammable substances, but they handle massive quantities of them, allowing for an extremely violent explosion.

Employees in close range of the explosion site can suffer death and serious injuries including:

  • Burn Injuries: In some cases of third and fourth degree burns, tissue and even bones can be permanently damaged.
  • Brain Injuries: As the equipment on the rig becomes airborne due to the pressure, workers even far from the site of the explosion can suffer catastrophic head injury from falling debris.
  • Spinal Injuries: Falling debris, or the force from the explosion itself, can damage sections of the spine.
  • Loss of Limb: It is not uncommon for the force or fast traveling pieces of heavy debris to cause the sudden loss of appendages.

Our Louisiana oil rig explosion injury attorneys have seen the gruesome nature of these horrific events and want to help the victims and families of victims recover what is rightfully theirs. Call the offices of Arnold & Itkin LLP at (225) 412-6348 to schedule a free case evaluation and promote your chances for a favorable outcome with a dedicated and experienced personal injury legal team.

Oil Rig Workers Deserve Better.

We Demand Justice from Negligent Oil Companies

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