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At Arnold & Itkin, our Alexandria accident attorneys are proven advocates on behalf of those who have been severely injured, as well as those who have suffered the loss of a loved one to wrongful death. From cases involving amputation to traumatic brain injury (TBI) to burns to paralysis caused by a spinal cord injury, we have been there time and time again to help our clients recover from catastrophic circumstances to fight for the recovery that they deserve. We know that no amount of money will ever change what happened, but we also know that compensation can be a powerful tool in helping victims recover and begin to rebuild their lives.

Financial compensation can be used to help clients put their lives back on track—allowing them to receive the best medical care, have access to necessary rehabilitation, and more. It can help them reach a stable future for not only themselves but their family. Our Alexandria personal injury attorneys are here to help our clients work toward that exact thing. Through diligent preparation, creativity, and hard work, we have done just that with hundreds of clients from coast to coast. We have recovered billions of dollars on behalf of our clients, including record-setting verdicts and settlements. This includes hundreds of cases worth $1 million or more for clients.

To learn more about how our law firm will fight to help you and your family, call (888) 493-1629. We serve clients throughout the Alexandria area, including Hineston, Pineville, Crowley, and more.

Aviation Accident Attorneys Helping People Recover Throughout Louisiana

Cases involving aviation accidents, such as those involving airplane accidents, helicopter accidents, and even accidents at airports, are some of the most complex forms of personal injury litigation. These are not minor cases that can be handled by just any law firm. They require advanced knowledge of the legal system, the resources to investigate, and the experience necessary to take on large companies with teams of lawyers.

At Arnold & Itkin, we have that. Our aviation accident lawyers are not intimidated by complex cases. We’ve earned a reputation of being unafraid of a trial, and we know what it takes. Whether you need help with a helicopter or airplane accident, our lawyers are standing by to provide the dedicated and fearless help that you deserve.

Our Alexandria Personal Injury Attorneys Fight for the Recovery of Workers

Statistics show that the average American spends most of their time at work. Whether on a construction site or in the office, these are the places that consume the vast majority of our daily lives—and so it is no surprise that they are often the location of some of the most severe accidents. From plant and refinery explosions to serious offshore accidents to helping commercial drivers hurt on the road, Arnold & Itkin's Alexandria work injury lawyers have earned a reputation nationwide for helping injured workers get back on their feet following catastrophic incidents.

We can help in work injury claims involving the following:

  • Construction accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • Forklift accidents
  • Gas truck accidents
  • Oilfield accidents
  • Plant and refinery accidents
  • Plant and refinery explosions
  • Scaffolding accidents

From mines to factories to warehouses to harbors, wherever you work, you can turn to the experienced Alexandria work accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin for the help you need.

Helping the Victims of Serious Alexandria Railroad & Train Accident Victims

Few accidents can cause as serious of consequences as those involving trains. If you have been involved in a railroad accident in the Alexandria area, whether as a passenger or as an employee of the railway, then it is critical that you reach out to our law firm as soon as possible to recover the financial compensation that you truly deserve.

Cases of this magnitude require going up against massive corporations, including companies such as Amtrak, Union Pacific, and more. You need a lawyer who isn’t afraid. At our firm, we have a reputation of being willing to take on large companies to even the playing field. Our team of Alexandria train accident lawyers have taken on the biggest companies and have won results from them. We believe in fighting hard, never settling for less, and making sure that regular people have a chance at recovery after being mistreated by large companies. Call our railroad accident law firm today to find out how we can help you obtain the justice you deserve.

Our Alexandria Wrongful Death Law Firm Is Ready to Help You

When a family loses a loved one, they experience one of the most difficult and painful situations that they will ever face. Sometimes, death and grieving are made more difficult if the death was caused by the negligence of another person or entity. Wrongful death often causes the loss of income, lower quality of life, and emotional distress.

Though these times may seem hopeless, it is important to know that you may have legal options. By contacting the experienced Alexandria wrongful death attorneys at Arnold & Itkin, you will be taking the first step to getting the help that you deserve. We know how difficult this time is—call us to find out how we can help you.

When to File a Wrongful Death Claim in Alexandria

Wrongful death occurs when the negligence of an individual or company causes a person’s untimely death. When a person is killed, they often leave behind family members who relied on them for financial support. These family members can pursue at-fault parties for damages caused by the wrongful death of their relative.

Negligent parties must be held accountable for their actions—especially when they’ve caused the death of an innocent person. Even if those responsible for the death are already facing criminal charges, it is still possible to hold them accountable in civil court. If the responsible party is a corporation, the only way they will face punishment is through a civil claim. A wrongful death claim is like a personal injury claim, except wrongful death claims are filed for the damages caused by a person's death, not by a person's injuries.

Alexandria Wrongful Death Laws

Louisiana defines a wrongful death as anytime a “person dies due to the fault of another.” Whether the death is caused by negligence, recklessness, or willful action, a responsible party may be sued for compensation in a wrongful death case. In Louisiana, family members have up to one year from the date of the death to file a wrongful death claim. However, only certain family members are able to make a claim.

The following people can make a wrongful death claim:

  • Spouse
  • Child
  • Parent
  • Sibling
  • Grandparent
  • Executor of estate

Notably, spouses and children are given priority in a wrongful death case. If the decedent has no children or spouses, the ability to make a claim transfers to parents, siblings, or grandparents. If an individual does not have family members, the executor of their estate is able to pursue economic damages.

Common cases our Alexandria wrongful death attorneys handle include:

  • Work Accidents: When a person is killed on the job, the claim likely qualifies as a wrongful death. Employers are required to protect their employees with a safe work environment, proper equipment, and adequate training. If an employer's negligence causes the death of a worker, then the worker's family should be compensated for the loss of their loved one.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: It's a well-known fact that driving is potentially dangerous. All drivers are expected to operate their vehicles safely, with care for the safety of others. If a person runs a red light and kills someone, they should provide compensation to the decedent's family for their neglectful behavior. Or, if a company manufactures a faulty car part that causes a deadly accident, this company should be held accountable for what they did.

Alexandria Personal Injury FAQ

What Do Alexandria Personal Injury Lawyers Help With?

Our Alexandria injury lawyers are focused on one thing: making sure clients have the means to move forward after an accident. No one should have to suffer because of an accident they didn’t cause. Our team will focus on determining what you deserve compensation for and will fight to hold responsible parties accountable for your suffering. We often secure compensation for losses such as medical debt, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more.

Who Is Responsible for my Injuries & Economic Losses?

This is different for every accident. As a result, you deserve the help of a firm that’s willing to put the time and resources into your case. Often, negligent parties are obvious. However, there are times when multiple parties are responsible. Our firm will work to identify who or what companies could have prevented your suffering.

How Much Does Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Alexandria Cost?

How much an attorney costs is a reasonable worry to have after an accident. When you turn to Arnold & Itkin, you’ll be able to receive our help with no up-front costs. Our contingency fee basis means that we cover all costs associated with a case. If we don’t secure results for you, we don’t collect payment. Doing this makes our services attainable and helps our clients focus on recovery while we fight for their compensation.


Louisiana is like other states regarding what it allows to be claimed by family members of a person who has been wrongfully killed. These damages are split into two categories: economic and noneconomic losses.

Economic wrongful death losses include the following:

  • Medical bills incurred while the individual was receiving emergency treatment
  • Funeral expenses Lost wages that the individual would have made if still alive
  • Lost benefits the individual would have received if still alive
  • Services that the individual would have provided

Noneconomic wrongful death losses include the following:

  • Emotional suffering of family members
  • Pain and suffering experienced by the decedent before their passing


What is considered a wrongful death and who can be held responsible for a person's death must meet certain criteria. Claimants must be able to prove that their loved one was killed due to negligence or inaction on the part of the other party. In general, this is known as failing the standard of reasonable care. Those able to make a wrongful death claim must remember that Louisiana puts a time limit on the ability to file a claim. This means that action must be taken quickly to recover the losses that happen after a family member passes away due to the actions of another person. Though these times are difficult, it is critical to contact our experienced Alexandria wrongful death attorneys as soon as possible for assistance.


Those able to make a wrongful death claim must remember that Louisiana puts a time limit on the ability to file a claim. This means that action must be taken quickly to recover the losses that happen after a family member passes away due to the actions of another person. Though these times are difficult, it is critical to contact our experienced Alexandria wrongful death attorneys as soon as possible for assistance.

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  • $105 Million Record Settlement for Dangerous Product Victims Arnold & Itkin’s legal team helped represent those harmed by dangerous products. We were successful in recovering a $105 million settlement.
  • $97 Million Massive Settlement Secured for Refinery Workers Arnold & Itkin is proud to share that after months of preparation for trial, our firm was able to secure a huge settlement for clients who were injured in a refinery fire. Find out more now.
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Arnold & Itkin was a good firm that led me to the right decisions to make, what to do, and most of all—getting me the right help. That was the biggest thing, getting the right help. Now that my case is settled, I feel like now I can actually move on with my life.

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