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There have been more deaths from plant explosions in the United States than in another country. Though it might not seem as though these explosions occur often, plant workers are at risk of these every day, and when they do happen, the effects are devastating. The force of the blast often kills those standing close to it and severely injures the workers who are further away from it. Survivors of these explosions experience third-degree burns, broken bones, and being crushed under airborne objects and debris.

Many of these accidents can be avoided simply through proper maintenance.

Causes of Plant & Refinery Explosions

Most tragic plant and refinery accidents happen due to poor management. Supervisors and owners alike often neglect the condition of the equipment, pushing it to their limit, and the results of this neglect are often catastrophic. We elaborate on this topic below.

Old, Outdated Equipment

Most plants and refineries have not been renovated since the 1920s or 1930s. Better substances can be used to construct the plant’s equipment, but this would require stopping production for construction, which would drastically halt profit. Rather than stopping to install new equipment, plant owners and manager keep production running, which slowly takes a heavy toll on the equipment and ultimately results in dangerous malfunction. In addition to the old equipment, managers and owners of these plants still use old processes that have been proven hazardous.

Increased Demand On the Equipment

More production is being demanded of the same equipment that has been used since the 1920s and 1930s. As our populations get bigger and cities expand, so do does production out of our refineries and plants. This increased demand forces the equipment to work harder than it should, often causing the conditions that make explosions possible. Pressurization, corrosion, and fire hazards make leaks and ignition more likely.

Lack of Equipment Maintenance

The Operational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires regular maintenance and inspection of the plant equipment, but these standards are often ignored for the sake of uninterrupted production and maximizing profit. In either case, this puts workers at risk of injury or death, and leaders of the plant can be held liable for any damages that occur from their oversight.

Miscellaneous Instances

Sometimes these explosions are caused by a small flame that is out of place in a highly flammable atmosphere. Something as small as a lit cigarette can ignite a blast that kills or injures several workers. In this case, it may not be the owners or supervisors of the plant who are at fault, but the party who failed to take his or her surroundings into consideration.

Investigating Failures to Meet Safety Regulations

Most of these catastrophic events can be traced to the fault of those who run the operation of the plant. Our legal team will confer with authorities who investigate the accident, and find the parties who improperly maintained and cared for the plant. We will then begin building your case, and fighting for your right to compensation for the injuries and negative consequences you and your family have suffered.

Finding Your Best Representation

These cases can get complex the larger they are. In addition, you will want a team that can stand its ground in a room with representative from big oil production. The plant and refinery explosion attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP have been in similar situations and have emerged victorious.

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