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Millions of Americans will have to see a doctor for an illness or trauma-related injury at some point in their lives. We depend on these doctors to make the correct decisions and conduct their treatment with care and responsibility. Sadly, the difficulty of jobs in the medical profession often leads to oversights and sometimes even carelessness, which results in further injury or even death in their patients.

If an injury or death can be traced back to the negligence of a medical professional such a nurse, surgeon, or even technician, this may constitute medical malpractice, and you or a loved one may be entitled to compensation for bodily damage caused. You or your loved will need the help of our attorneys for the best chance at recovering these damages.

What Constitutes a Medical Malpractice Claim?

A medical malpractice suit can be filed if a patient feels that a medical professional failed to meet the regulations and standards of medical practice and the patient suffered an injury or may have even passed away as a result. Though doctors and nurses are human beings and capable of mistakes, they are still held to higher standards because of the importance of their position.

Doctors know the pressures they face in their careers and make an oath to always uphold their highest standards and regulations with each and every patient. When doctors fail to do this, patients suffer at the hands of the professionals who are there to help treat them.

Some of the most common examples of this include:

  • Medication Errors: If your doctor administers more than one drug at a time in your treatment, it is the responsibility of the medical team to make sure the drugs are compatible. Additionally, your doctor is supposed to consult your recorded allergies to make sure they he or she does not administer a drug that will cause an allergic reaction or serious infection.
  • Birth Injuries: These are perhaps the most common medical malpractice cases. Gynecologists sometimes fail to identify birth defects in newborns, fail to inform mothers of impending complications that may have led to the mother opting out of birth, or otherwise negatively affect the health of the mother or child during delivery.
  • Failure to Diagnose: Doctors are expected to identify illnesses with reasonable precision, provided the symptoms are clear and obvious. If symptoms are unclear, doctors are expected to perform tests until your illness is clear. When they fail to do so—especially in cases involving tumors—patients lose the time they would need for early treatment.

These cases, however, can be difficult. It is up to the patient to prove fault. Without extensive knowledge in the medical and the legal arena, it may be hard to make a winning argument that proves any wrongdoing that could constitute financial compensation. You will need an experienced and talented legal team to build a case identifying the specific instances in which your medical professionals acted irresponsibly. Arnold & Itkin has proved successful in winning our clients restitution in medical practice cases and will apply all of our resources and knowledge to helping you receive similar outcome. We can handle every step of the process, from filing your case, investigating the incident to obtain evidence, building an argument, to delivering your case in the trial itself. Though we are an experienced and successful team, it all starts with learning about that happened to you. From your consultation to us, we can begin the process of seeking the financial compensation you are entitled to.

Contacting Our Firm for Dedicated Legal Representation

Whether your serious condition was blatantly ignored, your doctor administered an incompatible drug without properly consulting your allergies on record, or made a decision without the right to make it, your rights to quality medical treatment have been violated, and you suffered an injury that could have been avoided. You will not be able to go back and undo the injustice done to you, but you can improve your future with a successful medical malpractice suit. You still have rights, and we are there to return those rights to you and see you get fair compensation.

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Doctors Are Legally Obligated to Meet a Standard of Care

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