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In a recent report by the Highway Safety Research Group out of Louisiana State University, there were 2,681 injuries from car accidents per 100,000 people in the state of Louisiana in the year 2015. Their research shows a steady increase in this number since 2011, but most notably, it means that a little more than 1 out of 50 people in the state of Louisiana will experience an injury or death due to a car accident.

Though we know the potential dangers we face when driving, many of these accident victims are not at fault. Negligence and reckless driving can permanently affect one’s life, and we at Arnold & Itkin LLP believe that in those instances, victims are entitle to financial compensation support themselves in the future in the wake of their serious injuries.

Frequent Causes of Car Accidents

No two car accidents are identical, meaning that every accident injury case needs to be handled with attentive care. There are, however, several common factors that often lead to accidents. Most of them can be considered while driving to minimize the likelihood of an accident.

Some of these frequent causes include the following:

  • Insufficient Vehicle Maintenance: Although your car may seem to be the most dependable machine in your possession, it still requires regular maintenance to avoid potential disaster. A suddenly blown tire or engine failure can lead to a catastrophic accident.
  • Attitude of the Driver: Some traffic schools label this the most important aspect of driving. A bad day can lead to excessive risks on the road that endanger others. It is crucial to remember the harm a vehicle can cause and control emotions behind the wheel.
  • Driving Under the Influence: A leading cause of injury in deaths in car accidents across the country, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs unfairly puts others at risk. Drunk drivers may fall asleep at the wheel, demonstrate impaired judgement, or slow reaction time.
  • Dangerous Roads: Often the condition of roads can be neglected, especially in smaller, rural areas. Some are characterized by large pot holes than can pop tires or poor visibility that could lead to head on collisions. It is up to our governing bodies to make roads drivable.
  • Negligent or Distracted Driving: Operating a motor vehicle safely requires full attentiveness, but many drivers try to multitask by speaking on the phone or texting. This can lead to an accident at the fault of said driver because his or her abilities were avoidably fragmented.
  • Malfunctioning Vehicles: Sometimes, drivers to everything correctly and an accident still occurs because of a faulty system in the car. Some recalls have been ordered due to reports of accelerator locks that force the car to perpetually accelerate and lose its ability to brake.
  • Fatigued Driving: Certain studies have shown that severe fatigue can have similar effects on a driver to the influence of alcohol. Drivers who have been on the road too long or who are lacking sufficient rest can have slowed reaction time and impaired judgement.

What Can I Do After an Accident?

Especially if you were injured, you may experience an overwhelming amount of uncertainties. Not only is your vehicle damaged, but your physical mobility may even be called into question, which may lead to an inability to work. This is something of a double-edged sword; as your medical bills are piling up, you have lost the ability to work to pay for them. We at Arnold & Itkin are here to help with these exact problems.

If you believe the accident was even partially another party’s fault, you should contact an injury attorney as soon as possible. We can help cover your financial burdens while your personal injury case is pending, ensuring that you don’t pay us anything until your case is closed.

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