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Five States Fueling the Oil Boom

Recently, we have been examining the recent oil boom in the United States. With an oil boom forecasted to last well into the nation’s future, the focus has turned to the Permian Basin. However, West Texas is not the only part of the country that is contributing to the surge in oil. These are the states that are contributing to America’s oil boom, ordered from least to greatest.

5. New Mexico

Though Texas receives a majority of the attention for Permian Basin oil production, the southeastern corner of New Mexico is home to a portion of the productive oil field. A cluster of oilfields in the northwest corner of New Mexico adds additional productivity to the state.

2017 barrels: 171,440,000

4. California

Most people do not associate California with oil production. However, the state has remained at the top of oil producers in the United States for over a century. A majority of the state’s oil drilling happens in Kern County, San Joaquin Valley, and in the Los Angeles basin. Los Angeles has numerous hidden wells scattered throughout its city, a fact that the countless people who walk by them each day likely do not know.

2017 barrels: 174,107,000

3. Alaska

Alaska has been increasing the amount of oil it produces each year. The state is home to one of the world’s most famous oil pipelines. The Trans-Alaska pipeline is one of the world’s largest oil transportation systems. It extends through 800 miles of Alaska’s landscape. The state projected it would increase oil production by 10 million barrels in 2018.

2017 barrels: 180,467,000

2. North Dakota

Fracking has propelled North Dakota to the top of energy production in the United States. Since 2000, a combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technology has made resources in the Bakken Formation more accessible than ever. The region is projected to be able to produce a total of 7.4 billion barrels of oil.

2017 barrels: 392,127,000

1. Texas

Sitting at number one in the nation is the state that has dominated American oil production for over 100 years. Drilling locations dot the entire Texas landscape and help to produce more than a third of the nation’s oil. The state is home to a majority of the bountiful Permian Basin in the northeast, and the Eagle Ford Group is in the state’s southern region. Texas’ reign at the top of the nation’s oil production may well last for years to come.

2017 barrels: 1,272,575,000

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