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PG&E Fights Napa Wildfire Causation Investigation

As investigations into the cause of the Napa Valley wildfires continue, PG&E has claimed that they are not to blame for the Tubbs fire. The Tubbs fire was the most destructive blaze of the 100+ fires that were started in the Northern California area during the second and third week of October. The Tubbs fire is affirmed to have taken the lives of 21 people and to have destroyed portions of the Santa Rosa area.

PG&E attorneys claim that preliminary investigations into the cause of the Tubbs fire have suggested that liability may fall onto a third party. PG&E is proposing that electrical equipment started the fire, but that the equipment that was not owned, installed, or maintained by PG&E. However, these investigations were not lead by fire authorities, but were conducted by PG&E. This calls into question the validity of the “investigation” that PG&E conducted.

Fire Investigations Take Time

While PG&E suggests that they were not at fault for the Tubbs fire, a true fire investigation takes much longer than two weeks. The Valley fire investigations, a much smaller investigation in comparison to the October wildfires inquiry, took almost a full year to complete. Using a similar timeline to that of the Valley fire investigation, the October wildfires (including the Tubbs fire) would require over a year to fully investigate. The fact that fire investigations take so long calls into question the legitimacy of PG&E’s suggestion that a third party could have caused the Tubbs fire with their own electrical equipment.

The Cause of the Fires Are Only the Beginning of the Investigations

While PG&E is claiming they might not be the cause of the Tubbs fire, there are still 99 other fires that were started in the month of October that they could be accountable for. In addition to the causation of the fires, PG&E could also be held responsible for their potential part in allowing the fire to grow and spread. PG&E was found to have been late on over 3,527 work orders within a five year period.

Why is this important? Because 10 late work orders can be the difference between a fire that burns 20 homes and a fire that burns 200 homes. Unsafe electrical practices are usually the cause of wildfires, and if electrical wiring is not well-maintained by a company, this can result in a fire spreading much farther than it would have if the wiring was maintained.

Due to PG&E’s history of completing work orders late and the fact that over 100 fires ignited in the month of October, it is very likely that PG&E will be held responsible for the Northern California wildfires in some capacity. At this point in time, already 15 lawsuits have been filed against PG&E with over 100 people represented with legal counsel. It is expected that this number will continue to rise within the next few weeks as other home and business owners demand accountability for the damages their properties suffered.

I Want to Be Represented in a Claim Against PG&E

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