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Everyone just running for their lives basically.

Where we were working at was actually almost exactly where the explosion happened. You know, we were walking almost exactly where we were about to be working. We were like 50 feet away.

And then that's whenever I heard like a strange noise—like a really loud noise, and then all the fire and people screaming and running and you know, it was pretty frightening. Almost immediately, I threw everything on the ground. I was carrying hoses for the hydro and just like tools and stuff. Everyone just started running. Even there was a safety lady that was next to me and she was screaming and crying hysterically. It was really scary.

I saw these people, they wear the mask on their face, some of them were melted onto their face. This guy, they were like taking his shirt off, and he had burns all on his back through his shirt. Everyone was running for their lives basically. I was running full speed and I turned really fast and my neck popped really loud. There was like a bunch of like potholes and stuff. So, it was like I could feel the pain in my neck increasing.

I didn't really know what to do. I was in pain. I was suffering. I just didn't really know what to do. Part of my crew, they told me, they said, "Hey, Arnold & Itkin, they're really good lawyers, and they can help you.”

When I first met Arnold & Itkin, they were very respectful, very professional. I would've never been able to afford the doctor appointments. All the doctors I've seen—it's incredible to see how much someone else can do for you. Always calling me, making sure I'm okay. Making sure that I'm going to my doctor's appointments. Making sure if I don't have a ride or something like that, they're going to make sure I get there no matter what.

I was like, wow, these guys know what they're doing.

By myself, I would've never been able to make it this far. I would have never been able to achieve what they have achieved. It's going to change my life forever. It's really astounding how intelligent, professional they are, and that how much they can do, you know? Because they've done a lot, and I can never thank them enough for that.

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