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I was in the elevator accident. I was in the hotel visiting, and I got in the elevator, pressed the 7th floor. And once I pressed the 7th floor, the elevator sped up to the top, and it hit the final limit of the elevator shaft. I don’t remember what happened. It just went a little blank after that, and then I got up and I realized my pizza was on the ground, my bag was on the ground. Then I tried to open the elevator up, started having problems opening the elevator up.

It didn’t want to open, so I started banging on the door, banging on the door, asking for help, looking for help. Finally, they was able to open the door and release me.

After the incident, I checked into the emergency room and I went to a specialist. And they started examining me, and they found out that I had problems with my back, my L4 and L5. I went through the medical treatments and called Arnold & Itkin. They took my case, and they came in and pulled through. They started paying my medical bills, and they started taking care of me. After they had taken my case, they sent me to a doctor, a neurosurgeon, and he treated me for my illness, for my back pain.

I was happy with the outcome of the case. The weight is off my back with the medical bills. I’d probably be in some trouble right now, with my daughter graduating college and going to veterinarian school. So I was thankful for them to come through and help me with the medical bills.

Arnold & Itkin, they really know what they’re doing. They’re hard workers. I’ve dealt with other attorneys in the past, but Arnold & Itkin was like just a completely different stature. It’s all about choosing the right lawyer, the right attorney. And choosing Arnold & Itkin is like, it’s pretty much choosing the right attorneys.

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