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Getting ready to go up and do some work, scaffold, and next thing you know I hear a big boom. I felt the winds, felt the breeze first. The heat initially comes through and then the air. It was the scariest moment I have ever experienced.

It has been such a hard road, and hard trials and tribulations. Sometimes, sleepless nights. It’s been rough.

Arnold & Itkin is the best for your case if you're injured by a work injury. They’ll fight for you. They’re fighting against, you know, a billion dollar company. They did, I felt, anything and everything they could possibly do to get out of it. They just kept shutting them down.

They fought, that’s all I can say. They were fighters. They are a fighting lawyer. Very outstanding, very pleased with the outcome. I know my future right now is a lot brighter and I have some opportunities that will hopefully work out. It took them fighting for it.