4 Safeguards Concert & Festival Promoters Must Follow

Live music attracts a wide audience; no matter your age or musical preference, there’s a concert out there for you. Because music venues cater to so many different types of events, from huge rap festivals like Travis Scott’s Astroworld to more intimate country music concerts, they must be prepared to help make each event safe and fun for every attendee.

There are several safeguards in place to help define the goalposts of a safe, enjoyable venue. In this blog, the concert injury lawyers at Arnold & Itkin take a closer look at four rules that concert and festival promoters must follow to put on a show.

Capacity Limitations

To help prevent overcrowding and over dangerous situations, a music venue must acquire a permit specifying its maximum capacity. This is applicable no matter the type of event being held, and if an emergency occurs, authorities will investigate whether the capacity was surpassed to determine risk or fault.

Age Restrictions

In contrast to capacity, a music venue can adjust age restriction rules on a per-show basis. These vary based on the crowd a performer attracts and can affect liability. For example, specifying a show’s age restriction as 21 and over can help prevent underage drinking. However, a concert or festival promoter might choose to offer entry to younger patrons to increase an event’s attendance and, therefore, its potential profit.

Serving Alcohol

No matter the age restrictions at a show, a venue must have a liquor license to serve alcohol and, even then, the people in charge can be held responsible for underage drinking. Similarly, the age restrictions for each event must be clearly promoted by concert organizers and enforced by the security they hire.

Rules of Operation

Like many other businesses, venues must have specific opening and closing times. To help enforce this and other rules, it must be fully staffed before opening day and at every single event. This includes security, waitstaff, and medical personnel. But one size does not fit all! Concert and festival venues and their show promoters, for example, are responsible for extensive coverage for their many attendees. Those in charge of a smaller space, however, may not need as much support to provide a comfortable experience.

Protecting Concertgoers

When festival and concert organizers don’t follow the rules, the attendees at their shows are put at risk. Our concert injury lawyers are committed to holding these promoters and venues accountable for their actions. Laws are enacted to keep people safe, and everyone who goes to a concert or festival should be comfortable and have the space to enjoy themselves.

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