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22 Ways to Celebrate Your Spouse Coming Home

If your spouse or another loved one works offshore, you might not see them for weeks at a time. Working away from home can be stressful, and the nature of the work itself is challenging. You might be worried about their safety while they’re gone, but there’s no better distraction – or something to look forward to – than their homecoming. You can make their return home extra special with a little preparation, using one (or more!) of the ideas listed below.

To show you missed them and how much you care:

  1. Recreate any holidays or birthdays that they may have missed – candles, decorations, and all.
  2. Dress up! Wear something new or an old favorite so you look and feel your best when they arrive.
  3. Decorate the house or yard with balloons, posters, or homemade decorations.
  4. Plan a date night to spend some one-on-one time and reconnect.
  5. Make them a basket full of their favorite goodies, especially those they couldn’t get offshore.
  6. Set up a fishing, camping, or hunting trip, or another of their hobbies they may have been missing.
  7. Learn to cook a beloved family recipe or favorite food and treat them to a special meal.
  8. Plan a quiet day to relax and decompress – alone or together.
  9. Write a note each time you think about them. Save the notes so they can read them when they get home.
  10. Save up and finally book that trip you’ve been putting off!
  11. Get tickets to watch their favorite team or sporting event, or set aside time to watch the game at home.
  12. Finish that house project you’ve been wanting to get done. Surprise them when they get home!
  13. They’ve probably missed their friends, too. Plan a double date or a night out with their buddies.
  14. Invite family over for a casual dinner and game night to make up for lost time.
  15. Have kids? Get them to create a “Welcome Home” sign or card that shows how much they care.
  16. Plan a “yes” day, where you and the kids have to do whatever your spouse says.
  17. Create “tickets” or “coupons” for homemade dinners, favors, or more to be turned in at will.
  18. Have the kids make breakfast or even a “fancy restaurant” dinner at home.
  19. Take some time to organize so they come home to a clean and orderly space.
  20. Make a slideshow, video, or photo album of special moments and memories.
  21. Create an at-home spa experience or splurge and go get a massage.
  22. Throw a big party with friends, family, and loved ones to celebrate their return.

No matter what, the best thing you can do for your spouse or loved one is to simply be present. When they come home, focus on them, communicate with them, and make sure they know how much they’re loved. If they need a little space, don’t be afraid to give them some peace and quiet. If they want to celebrate, get out there and have some fun! Listen to their needs and try to make the most out of your time together.

Helping Offshore Workers & Their Families

Offshore work is tough. Workers have to spend weeks away from their spouses and families, in some of the most dangerous working conditions imaginable. Even with the ability to talk on the phone or video chat, being separated from family means missing special occasions, holidays, and other important moments. It can be stressful, even for a seasoned offshore worker. Making their homecoming special can help alleviate some of the stress and worry, showing them that family is always there when they return.

At Arnold & Itkin, we believe in helping offshore workers and their families recover after serious accidents and injuries. There is nothing more important than helping people create better and brighter futures. And that’s what we do. No matter what.

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