How a Dash Cam Can Help Your Car Accident Claim

When it comes to honoring a claim made by a policyholder, insurers are not always cooperative. An insurance company is a business and makes more money if they pay as little as possible for a claim. In many instances, an insurer will offer those who’ve been in car accidents the lowest amount possible in hopes of frustrating them into settling. In other instances, an insurance company might deny that a person has enough evidence to receive the amount of compensation that they need.  

One of the best ways to keep insurance companies accountable is by disputing their claims and hiring a car accident lawyer to hold them accountable. Doing so will put someone on your side who understands the playbook of the insurance companies and knows how to counter their tactics. Any disputed car accident claim will require as much evidence as possible to pressure an insurer into fairness. A dash cam could be your strongest advocate by showing critical details of an accident.  

The Importance of Dash Cams for Car Insurance Claims 

Medical records, police reports, photos, and other pieces of evidence are crucial pieces of evidence for a car accident claim. However, as technology becomes more functional and affordable, dash cameras are becoming increasingly important. When a dash camera captures key moments before and after an accident, an insurance company will have a difficult time disputing the claims of a policyholder.   

Dash cams can also help a person avoid being held liable for an accident they didn’t cause. In some instances, a dash cam could be the only “witness” of an accident and can be a critical part of proving or disproving fault for a motor vehicle collision. In other instances, a dash cam can capture images of a hit and run driver, making compensation a simpler process for something that could be difficult in the absence of footage.   

Are Dash Cams Legal in Texas? 

According to KPRC, there were 308 traffic accidents each day throughout Harris County in 2016. According to the news outlet, Texas law bans installing any camera on a dash or window that blocks a person's vision. So, choosing the right location for your camera is crucial to avoid having it be something that makes your life more difficult instead of easier. Try picking a camera that’s too small to block your view or one that can install on the back of your rear-view mirror. This will help make sure your dash cam isn’t violating Texas law.  

What to Look for in a Dash Cam 

Just because a dash cam is affordable doesn’t mean that you should buy it. There are a few critical details to look for when purchasing a camera. First, make sure that the camera is able to capture clear video. Affordable dash cams now have the resolution capabilities so license plates on other vehicles are readable. Recording license plate numbers can be critical for identifying hit-and-run drivers. Next, make sure that the dash cam you are purchasing can perform in dark lighting. While many decent dash cams can record during the day, it’s important for them to have acceptable night performance as well. Finally, ensure that you are buying a camera that automatically turns off and on with the operation of your vehicle. This way, you’ll never forget to record your journeys, big or small!  

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