Port Fourchon Barge Breaks Loose During Hurricane Zeta

As Hurricane Zeta barreled through Louisiana, chaos ensued off the coast of Port Fourchon, Louisiana as a barge broke loose and became a “wrecking ball" as it collided with other nearby vessels. The storm made landfall in Louisiana as a Category 2 hurricane, killed at least three people, and left 2.5 million without power. 

Named “Thor," the barge was being operated by Fieldwood Energy and had multiple workers on board. Thor’s crew was ordered by Fieldwood to tie off at Port Fourchon and wait for the storm to pass. During the process, hurricane-strength winds snapped cables and ropes securing the barge, allowing it to drift uncontrolled in the violent waters.  

Video Footage Shows Thor Nearly Collide with Vessel 

Crew members from a nearby vessel captured footage of the barge as it was tossed by the storm. They can be heard telling each other to brace for a collision. However, the vessel was able to steer away from Thor. As the barge passed the crew, they note the cables dragging behind it.  

Towards the end of the video, a tugboat appears to be attempting to push Thor away from other vessels. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. The loose barge kept drifting and eventually collided with multiple vessels before running aground. 

“It’s been a crazy couple hours. Moments after my last video, we broke all mooring lines and [it] became a wrecking ball to other ships and boats. Worst case scenario. All on board our vessel is safe and accounted for. I just pray all the boats we hit are the same," a crew member from Thor commented to the media. 

No further details have been released about the barge accident. It remains unknown if anyone was killed or injured during any of the collisions involving the runaway vessel. 

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