After Hurricane Zeta Incident, Deepwater Asgard Crew Deserves Answers & Justice

People who live near the coast know one thing about hurricanes: they should take them seriously. While nothing guarantees safety during big storms, warning systems exist to give us a fighting chance against them. When a major storm is expected, people protect their homes, take shelter to protect their families, and hope for the best. This was especially true in 2020—the year that set records for the number of named storms in a single hurricane season.

As one of these storms, Hurricane Zeta, approached Louisiana on October 24, 2020, nothing was different.

Officials warned, people prepared, and everyone hoped for the best.

Despite numerous reports of Zeta’s arrival from weather experts and scientists, Transocean and Beacon failed to evacuate the Deepwater Asgard's crew members from its path. Further, some crew members were actually sent to the rig after the warnings. The workers were then left miles from help in volatile water. They relied on the mercy of Mother Nature to stay alive. Waiting out a hurricane in a home is bad enough—forcing others to endure one while stranded at sea is cruel and indefensible.

Arnold & Itkin Will Fight for the Crew of Deepwater Asgard. No Matter What.

Large offshore companies depend on their workers to make massive profits. In return, their workers depend on these wealthy corporations to invest in their safety. No one should step foot on an offshore rig unsure if they’ll ever leave. That’s why, when companies fail to protect workers, Arnold & Itkin is there for them.

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, Roland Christensen, Joseph McGowin, and Claire Traver are helping several workers who were on the Deepwater Asgard during Hurricane Zeta. Their lives were needlessly risked as they were exposed to extreme conditions. Our clients deserve justice from the companies that failed to protect them by putting profits over safety, a practice we see time and again.

Our offshore injury lawyers have a reputation for being the advocates that offshore workers deserve. We stood up for grieving families after the El Faro was sent straight into a storm, killing every person on board. The El Faro’s crew shouldn't have been in that storm either, and we made sure that the companies responsible for sending them into a hurricane answered for it.

After the Deepwater Horizon exploded, we were proud to protect more than a third of the crew injured or killed. Transocean—the same company involved with this incident—was among the companies that tried to shift the blame to workers who had just had their lives risked and suffered unimaginable injuries. We made sure their voices were heard and that Transocean was held accountable.

Notably, we obtained the county's highest settlements on behalf of families injured or killed in both the Deepwater Horizon and the El Faro tragedies.

The events on the Deepwater Asgard during Hurricane Zeta were dangerous and traumatizing. Importantly, they wouldn’t have happened had Transocean and Beacon done the right thing.

We’ll fight for the justice these workers deserve, just as we’ve done for others. No matter what it takes to win.

If you’ve been hurt while working offshore, call us today for a free consultation at (888) 493-1629.

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