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Plano House Explosion Update: Natural Gas Leak Likely to Blame for Blast

A gas leak is likely to blame for the house explosion in Plano that injured six people, investigators revealed on Tuesday morning.

The explosion happened in the 4400 block of Cleveland Drive at approximately 4:40 p.m. yesterday. It was strong enough to level the home and damage nearby structures. Residents up to a mile away reported feeling the concussion of the blast.

One neighbor compared the explosion to a “really aggressive lightning strike.”

"After that explosion happened, my walls were vibrating, everything in the house was vibrating," that neighbor commented. "It felt like my whole house had shifted over."

When firefighters and police reached the scene, they started to sift through the debris of the destroyed home to find any survivors. They were able to locate one survivor and transported them to Medical City Plano. The condition of this person is not known at this time.

Five other people in nearby homes—two adults and three children—also required treatment. The adults were also sent to Medical City Plano while the children were sent to Children’s Medical Center Plano. Their conditions have also not been released.

"Plano's Fire Marshal states the explosion was most likely caused by a gas leak inside the house but further investigation will be necessary to determine exactly where the gas leak was located inside the home," a Plano Fire-Rescue news release stated.

According to officials, the damage to the home is so extensive that it will make the investigation difficult to complete. Currently, local police, the ATF, and the FBI are at the scene. They’ve ruled out hazardous materials or explosives as being the source of the explosion.

Atmos Energy Was at the Scene of the Plano Home Explosion

Yesterday, we noted that Atmos Energy was at the scene of the accident. While investigators suspect that natural gas triggered this blast, they’ve yet to confirm exactly how that gas was ignited.

Atmos was found to be responsible for a 2018 explosion that killed a young girl. It also involved with a pipeline explosion that killed two workers and injured two others in July.

The company has a reputation for having some of the oldest natural gas lines in the nation, with one report finding many Atmos lines to be decades overdue for replacement.

Our Plano pipeline explosion lawyers will continue to follow this story as investigators determine what triggered this blast.


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