Representing Father of Two Injured in Truck Accident

Arnold & Itkin’s team of truck accident lawyers has recently filed suit on behalf of a father of two young children who was seriously injured when he was struck by an 18-wheeler driver in Nye County, Nevada.

The truck driver claimed he was exhausted and fell asleep. This incident underscores a critical issue plaguing the trucking industry: the alarming frequency of fatigued driving due to demanding work schedules. A truck's immense size and weight already present inherent risks on the road, and when combined with an exhausted driver, the potential for catastrophic consequences skyrockets.

Our client's life was irrevocably altered due to the negligence of an overworked truck driver. While he struggles with debilitating pain in his neck, back, and hip, it's heartbreaking to consider the ripple effect of this incident: not only is our client grappling with physical pain and the emotional aftermath, but his family's day-to-day life and future have also been clouded with uncertainty.

Companies should never prioritize profit over safety. When they do, commercial drivers feel the need to work to the point of exhaustion, putting themselves and other motorists at risk.

Arnold & Itkin firmly believes that companies have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure their employees' well-being. Encouraging or even allowing drivers to work to the point of exhaustion is not only a violation of industry regulations but an ethical breach. The profitability of a company should never come at the cost of human lives and safety.

We hope to shed light on the pressing need for companies to prioritize the safety and well-being of their employees and the general public. By holding negligent parties accountable, we're striving to ensure that no other family has to face the devastating consequences of an avoidable accident.

18-Wheeler Accidents
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