Representing Workers Killed & Injured in Houston Home Collapse

Our wrongful death lawyers have filed suit on behalf of workers who were tragically killed and seriously injured in the collapse of a home in a Houston neighborhood.

When companies are constructing new homes, they are responsible for ensuring the workplace is safe and structurally sound. The defendants in this incident failed to do that, and we will work to hold them accountable for their failures.

The implications of such negligence are heart-wrenching. Families have lost their loved ones, and survivors may grapple with physical injuries, trauma, and the emotional aftermath of witnessing their colleagues suffer. These ramifications are not just momentary; they echo through the lives of the affected individuals and their families for years to come.

By filing this suit, our primary objective is to seek justice for those who have been wronged. We aim to ensure that the bereaved families receive the support they need during this harrowing time and that injured workers are compensated adequately for their sufferings and any long-term implications.

We also hope to spotlight the indispensable need for stringent safety regulations in the construction industry. It is crucial to emphasize that adherence to these standards is not optional but fundamental. The very essence of building a home or any structure lies in ensuring it stands tall and sturdy, not just for its eventual inhabitants but for those who work tirelessly to erect it.

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Wrongful Death
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