Suit Filed for Family of Drowned Child

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, and Roland Christensen have filed a lawsuit in Harris County, Texas on behalf of the grieving family of a young girl who tragically drowned while swimming in a community pool governed by a homeowner's association (HOA). The devastating incident occurred due to the HOA's decision to hire inexperienced lifeguards and their failure to provide adequate training, resulting in a grave hypoxic brain injury to the child. 

In a community pool, safety should be paramount, with responsible oversight ensuring the well-being of every individual. However, in this heartbreaking case, the HOA's negligence and disregard for proper protocols led to a preventable tragedy. By hiring inexperienced lifeguards without providing them with the necessary training and support, the HOA and the associated lifeguard company failed in their duty to protect the pool's users and maintain a safe environment.

The consequences of this failure were devastating. The young girl's life was forever altered, suffering a severe brain injury that will have long-lasting implications for her health and well-being. The family has endured unimaginable pain and is now seeking justice for their daughter's preventable suffering.

Arnold & Itkin recognizes the profound responsibility placed upon organizations and individuals entrusted with the safety of others, especially in public spaces such as community pools. Our experienced attorneys are determined to hold the HOA and the lifeguard company accountable for their negligence and the life-altering consequences it has caused. We will tirelessly advocate for our client, utilizing our extensive legal expertise and unwavering dedication to secure a fair and just resolution. We remain committed to holding negligent parties accountable and look forward to seeking justice in this case.

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