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Case Description

We are proud to announce that Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and Kala Sellers secured a $18.5 million jury verdict against Williams Companies, Inc. and Sabic Petrochemicals for their roles in bringing about the Geismar plant explosion in 2013. This was only the second lawsuit of many that our firm plans to bring against Williams and other responsible parties—however, juries have already awarded our clients over $30 million total. This case also brought in a new defendant: Sabic Petrochemical, a plant owner who had a 16% stake when the explosion occurred. As we move forward with upcoming trials, our attorneys are honored to help obtain justice for our clients—each of whom received extensive care to recover from the explosion over the last three years--to ensure they are taken care of for life.

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"We spent more than $10 million of our own firm’s money to ensure that our clients got the very best recovery and were taken care of. That’s what we did, and that’s what we do." - Kurt Arnold
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