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Arnold & Itkin LLP attorneys Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin won a $41 million jury verdict on behalf of their client, Richard Foreman, a Houston investor who was secretly cut out of a deal to acquire Honsador Lumber Corporation, one of Hawaii's largest lumber suppliers. The jury found Key Principal Partners LLC and its parent Key Corporation guilty of breaching their fiduciary duties, intentionally interfering with Foreman's efforts to acquire the Honsador Lumber Corporation, and violating Hawaii's unfair competition statute. Read more about the trial and verdict as covered in the press by the Houston Business Journal.

Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $11,906,014.00.

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"When Kurt and I started the firm, one of the promises we made each other was that if it was a righteous cause, if it was a case that needed to be taken, it didn’t matter where the case was—we would go and do our best to help our client." - Jason Itkin
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