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Diamond Company Files Unfair Competition Suit

Diamonds Direct USA is filing a claim against another jewelry company, BFJ Holdings (DBA Capri Jewelers) for trademark infringement, unfair competition and false advertising. Allegedly, Diamonds Direct was attempting to expand their market to a new state. While discussing plans with various companies, an employee of one of the companies they were dealing with regarding their expansion plans released that confidential information to BFJ Holdings. Diamonds Direct is claiming that when they caught wind of this information, that they immediately started an advertising campaign which used the logo and other stolen materials from Diamonds Direct. BFJ Holdings used the infringed material for radio advertisements as well as billboards. This trademark infringement and false advertising confused the consumers in the area regarding who the true Diamonds Direct company was, which made for unfair competition.

Our economy operates on the principle of fair competition. Competition is what makes capitalism and our economy work efficiently. Unfair competition hurts businesses, like Diamonds Direct, by stealing intellectual property which thereby "steals" consumers. Should the company win their suit against BFJ Holdings, they will get financial compensation for their damages and BFJ will be required to immediately cease all advertising campaigns and use of the alleged infringed material. If you or your business has become the victim of unfair competition such as this, you can get help from a Houston attorney at Arnold & Itkin. A commercial litigation lawyer from our firm will be able to defend you against unfair business practices so that you get the justice that you and all other members of our economy are entitled to. For more information on how our firm can help defend you or your business, contact a Houston unfair competition attorney from our firm today!