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Arnold & Itkin Wins $117 Million Verdict

Today, our legal team at Arnold & Itkin LLP was successful in recovering a $117 million verdict on behalf of our clients who had been victimized in a traumatic ambulance accident in December of 2010. The case was fought for the victim of the accident, 21-year-old Whitley Lacey, who at the time of the incident was seven months pregnant. According to the reports, Lacey was experiencing significant stomach pains on December 27, which led her to calling Acadian Ambulance to request that they take her to the hospital.

The driver who picked her up, however, should never have been behind the wheel. Not only did he have a history of causing serious accidents, he was proven to have poor vision and had been written up for bad driving in ten of the previous forty five quarters. While driving Lacey to the hospital on LA-1 North, the driver did not utilize emergency lights or sirens and was driving at approximately 59 miles per hour (mph). Upon dropping his RSI device out of his pocket, he reached down to grab it, taking his eyes completely off the road. While locating and picking up the device, he did not reduce his speed.

During the time that he was reaching down, the ambulance drove full-speed into the back of a sugar cane truck which had been driving at approximately 40 mph. Lacey, who had been in the back of the ambulance at the time of the accident, suffered severe spinal cord and brain injuries. The accident severed her spine at T4, located near the top of the spine, which left her with functional use of only one of her arms. She has also sustained serious brain injuries. At the time that the petition was filed, she was bed-ridden and hospitalized, surviving on involuntary breathing assistance. She will be in a wheel chair for the rest of her life and has a non-existent chance of full recovery.

Since the accident, Lacey has incurred over 1.4 million dollars in medical bills with an estimated total cost of over 30 million dollars for future care plans. Not only this, but due to the accident, her unborn daughter was required to be prematurely delivered. She is also the mother of a three-year-old daughter. Both daughters have since gone to live with their grandmother Peggy Ross.

Not only were we able to help recover the necessary compensation to cover the past, current and future medical costs for Lacey, we were also able to provide care that will care for both of her daughters. Both daughters have lost the consortium, services, support and society of their biological mother and for young Aaliyaha there very well could be a lifetime of medical bills to cover the complications of the accident and premature delivery. The recovered compensation can be used to cover any future loss of earning capacity, as well as medical and life care costs, such as attendant care, rehabilitation, health care costs and more.

We at Arnold & Itkin LLP are proud to have been able to represent Peggy Ross and the Lacey family in this complex personal injury claim. Through hard work and dedication to the best interests of our clients, we were successful in proving fault on behalf of the driver for failing to drive with proper care, driving the ambulance into a moving vehicle and failing to control the ambulance. We recognize that cases like this are complicated, but we are fully dedicated to ensuring our clients are given the tough and tireless dedication that they deserve. We hope that with the help of this just verdict that the family can put their life back together after suffering from the tragic accident caused by the sheer negligence of another.


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