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Nursing Home Resident Victim of Negligence

An 88-year-old woman living in a Missouri nursing home died recently from an infection resulting from a broken hip. The victim's surviving family claims that both the broken bone and the resulting infection could have been avoided if the nursing home staff had provided appropriate care and timely medical attention.

At the time of the accident, the elderly woman, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease, had been brought back to her room after taking a shower. Instead of bringing her directly to her bed, the woman's aide left her alone, still standing, in the room. With nothing to hold on to, the elderly victim took a step toward her bed and fell, breaking her hip. Instead of giving her immediate medical attention, the aide merely helped the woman into her bed. The broken hip was only discovered the next day, when a nurse gave the patient a medical evaluation. By that time, an infection had already developed; the patient died of the infection six days later.

In a lawsuit filed by the victim's son, he claimed the nursing home was negligent in failing to assist the victim to her bed, since she was at extreme risk of falling. He also claimed the home failed to provide timely medical attention. The jury in the case awarded the family $1.5 million.