Hospital Staff Failure to Report

According to a recent federal report, 86% of patient harm events aren't caught due to failures in the hospital reporting process. Incident reporting systems are required in all hospitals that are funded by Medicare but have been ignored because hospital staff isn't even realizing what events should be reported. Because there has been such a large number of harm done as a result of poor reporting, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are getting together with the feds to create clarity and strict guidelines to avoid future error.

Hospitals rely on these incident reports to find problems in their hospitals, and if critical incidents aren't being reported, that's a guarantee that these errors will continue until some serious action is taken. It is also shocking that of the 86% unreported patient harm cases, 25% were cases that staff typically report but were neglected to be reported in this instance. New lists are being made of "potentially reportable events" so that if there is a question regarding an event's reportability, doctors and other hospital workers can refer to the list. It seems much safer to over-report than underreport.

You are supposed to be able to trust that doctors are taking care of you and looking out for your best interests, but what about when there is negligence or carelessness that causes you harm? You shouldn't have to suffer because of a hospital error, so don't hesitate to seek the legal help of a Houston personal injury attorney from Arnold & Itkin. You can be sure that we will fight fire with fire when it comes to medical and pharmaceutical injuries. If you or a loved one have been injured or suffered harm because of medical carelessness, contact a Houston pharmaceutical injury lawyer from our firm today.


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