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Suit Filed for Injured Maritime Worker

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin filed a lawsuit on behalf of an injured seaman. The worker was an employee of Seacor Marine and was injured when an exhaust pipe struck him while he was working in the engine room. The injuries that he sustained were to his neck and back. The plaintiff is claiming negligence and gross negligence on behalf of the company and unseaworthiness on behalf of the NRC Liberty, the vessel that he was on at the time the accident occurred.

Even though the plaintiff reported his injury to the company, the company's doctor failed to render the necessary care. The suit is currently pending in Harris County, Texas. This worker was injured in an accident that could have been prevented, had the necessary care been taken. Seacor Marine and all other companies like it have the responsibility to supervise their crew, train their crew and provide the necessary safety equipment for their crew so that accidents do not happen. In this case, unfortunately, none of these measures of care were taken.

From the lack of appropriate medical care to a failure to properly inspect the vessel, this man would not have sustained the serious injuries to his neck that he did had the company and the vessel he was working on acted appropriately. As a result, this maritime worker has been put out of work because of the severe pain he is in. He is seeking medical compensation as well as loss of future earning capacity, as he should be. If you were injured in an accident such as this, then do not hesitate to contact our firm. Injured workers are our passion. Contact Arnold & Itkin today.