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Houston Millionaire Charged With Drunk Driving

Jury selections are about to begin in the case of Houston millionaire, John Goodman. While in Florida, allegedly, the man T-boned another vehicle while he was driving over the legal alcohol limit. The driver of the car Goodman hit was killed almost instantly. What is worse is that Goodman didn't call police until almost an hour after the accident occurred. For those who don't know, Goodman is famous for adopting his girlfriend in order, as some say, to protect his net worth after this accident took place. The Goodman family is in the air conditioning business.

Drunk driving accidents almost always lead to injury, and often they also lead to fatalities. Those who drive with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit are not only endangering themselves, they are also endangering every driver they encounter on the road. If you were injured in a drunk driver accident or a loved one of yours was killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver, then you are absolutely entitled to a claim. Seek the help of a Houston personal injury attorney at Arnold & Itkin to see what kind of claim you are entitled to. Contact a Houston drunk driver accident lawyer at our firm today.