Bellaire Tree Accident Leads to Lawsuits and Potential Laws

A couple in the Houston area were devastated when a tree tumbled towards their house, breaking the ceiling and causing untold amounts of property damage. The tree was 70 ft. tall, and toppled when a crew was trying to remove it from a neighboring yard. The accident caused the homeowners to go to the city, advocating for laws regarding tree removal so that others don’t have to deal with similar accidents. Paul Coselli, the homeowner affected by the falling tree now wants to get city ordinances that will require tree removal crews to notify adjacent homeowners when a large tree is going to be removed.

He hopes that this law will help neighbors to take precautions and will encourage tree removal crews to be cautious when they are removing the tall trees. In this case, the tree did not do damage to the occupants inside the home. Yet there have been times in the past where a falling tree has caused injury or even death in addition to untold amounts of property damage. If you have been harmed by a falling tree, then you have the right to litigate.

Depending on the circumstances of the incident, there are a variety of people that you could list as defendants. You may be able to seek compensation from your neighbors if the tree was dead or rotting and they did not remove it as they should have. You may also be able to list the tree removal service as a defendant if their negligence or fail to prepare caused the tree to topple the wrong way. If you need more information about these types of accidents, talk to a lawyer at Arnold & Itkin. At our firm, we focus on seeking damages from defendants for all sorts of personal injury claims. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today!


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