Shortly After Fire, Chevron Closes Claims Centers

Chevron has recently closed its claims centers in Richmond that had been set up in order to handle the influx of claims stemming from the August 6th refinery fire. In total, there were about 18,000 claims handled by the company which included claims that came by way of personal contact with affected residents in the community, their toll-free numbers and their claims centers.

A spokesperson from Chevron stated that the company is committed to doing the right thing in remediating the damage that this event caused as well as taking the proper responsibilities. What will remain unchanged is the 800 number, even though the two claims centers are closing (North Richmond and Fred Jackson Way locations). While it may seem as if Chevron is acting as they should be in light of this grave situation, many activists are saying that those who have entered into settlements with the company have been cut short of their deserved compensation.

What Chevron is doing is typical, settle quickly and move on. The reality is though that there are people in the community who want more. While the company has been thorough in compensating individuals for their initial medical expenses and property damage, they have failed in some sense to provide the affected residents with continued compensation for the contamination that the refinery emits on a daily basis. Truthfully, many residents may deserve such compensation but many of the claims that Chevron received were highly questionable.

Among some of them were claims that seemed completely unrelated to damage that the fire could have caused, including demanded compensation for dental bills because the fire loosened the claimant's teeth. You may have a legitimate claim that no one seems to be listening to. Here at Arnold & Itkin, we promise our clients the attention they deserve. If you need an advocate who will fight for what you deserve, call the firm today!


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