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First Lawsuit Filed after Scary Southwest Airlines Landing

The first of what is likely to become several lawsuits related to a rough Southwest Airlines landing was filed on August 2. The incident took place on July 22, when the airplane’s nose gear collapsed as it landed at La Guardia airport.

The plaintiff in the case is a South Carolina woman who was injured as she evacuated the jet after it landed on its nose; in her suit, she alleges pilot error was to blame for the crash and her injuries.

In Jacqueline Young's complaint, believed to be the first suit filed against the airline in connection with this incident, Young explains that she suffered a concussion and other injuries when she slid down the evacuation chute of Flight 345. She claims that the reason she suffered these injuries is because "nobody helped catch (her)" as she came off the chute.

The entire incident is still under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The agency will try to discover why the plane’s nose gear collapsed as it touched down, and whether the problem could have been foreseen or prevented. The plane had reportedly been delayed prior to its takeoff, perhaps for mechanical problems.