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Suit Filed on Behalf of Injured Offshore Worker

Arnold & Itkin LLP maritime attorneys Jason Itkin, Cory Itkin, and Noah Wexler have recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of an injured client who was hurt during a basket transfer while working offshore. The plaintiff’s injury occurred as he was attempting to transfer onto a jack up rig from the crew boat. Unfortunately, the Billy Pugh basket which was carrying him for the location transfer dropped suddenly causing the victim inside to freefall. The South Texas oilfield maritime employee suffered from neck, back and shoulder injuries from the accident. This case has been filed in Hidalgo County, Texas.

Billy Pugh basket transfers are commonly used for those workers in the Gulf of Mexico as they need to move back and forth between their varying job sites offshore. Whether they are on the oil platform, or the jack up rigs or drilling rigs, this transfer system is valuable for the type of job that the workers do. However, this device does not come with without its concerns. Even when the baskets are used in clear skies, many workers will share that it is not a fun experience as they can be very dangerous. Combined with bad weather, it can be a recipe for a disaster.

Accidents and injuries can happen for a number of reasons on the Billy Pugh basket. As stated, unsafe weather conditions are a common cause for incidents during transfers, though it is also very likely that human error played a large roll. In many cases, with devises such as this, when a basket operator is not properly trained it can result in a simple mistake with a tragic result. If the accident was a result of human error and negligence, please contact Arnold & Itkin for the Houston offshore injury lawyer that you deserve fighting on your side. The team will do whatever it takes to help you receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Call today for further details!